Thursday, April 2, 2009

Letters to the Irish independent "Ganley is Just a Thatcherite"

Declan Ganley is just a Thatcherite

Wednesday April 01 2009

For the life of me, I just cannot find any distinction between Declan Ganley's Libertas party and the foreign policy on European matters pursued by the British Tory Party.

In many ways, it appears to me that Declan Ganley's Libertas party is the Irish branch of the British Tory Party. In other words, Declan Ganley is the intellectual heir to Margaret Thatcher because his policy position on Europe, which is a valid viewpoint, is very similar to the political position on Europe which she held.

Declan Ganley has now also employed the services of Lynton Crosby as his campaign manager. Mr Crosby ran a number of different campaigns for the British Tories, not least the 2005 British general election campaign and the Boris Johnston London mayoral contest.

Being branded as the Irish branch of the Tory Party may not be what the electorate wants to hear in the republican and nationalist belts of the EU constituency of the North West.

The electorate of the North West constituency might not like to also hear that Declan Ganley is on the record as describing the Common Agricultural Policy as a weapon of mass destruction. Tens of thousands of farmers in this constituency and their families receive hundreds of millions of euro in payments under the Common Agricultural Policy every year.

Mr Ganley's message on the Common Agricultural Policy might even be a step too far for the Tory landed gentry in Britain who also receive many a queen's farthing under the Common Agricultural Policy.

Come on dear chappies and let the elections for the European Parliament commence.

Thomas Whelan
Ballybough, Dublin 3


  1. We have reason to suspect that this comes from the Western side of the Atlantic too. The Heritage Foundation, which is associated with the Thatcher Center from Freedom, has hosted Ganley. The Heritage Foundation is out front in wanting to stop the Lisbon Treaty, as it would "undermine NATO" and the "special relationship" between the US and UK. Also, the Lisbon Treaty would further the EU's ability to have better foreign policy, which could challenge the US on the world stage.

    The Libertas people are cut from the same cloth as Ronald Reagan, as well as Thatcher, and they have always hated the European project since the 1980s, but the real sin of "socialist Europe" was to reject Bush's "war on terrorism" and the Iraq War. It's also about than maintenance of American hegemony in Europe in the face of a rising European defense and security policy that is leaving NATO in the dust

    Make no mistake about it, these people represent the lowest of the low when it comes to ethics. The ends justifies the means and so getting to the place where they can disband the European Union, welfare states, national health care, and human rights - they will do, even if it's criminal. We can suspect that these low lifes want to use popular discontent and misinformation about the Lisbon Treaty and EU to destroy and diminish the European unity and the EU itself.

  2. You must bear in mind that Ganley has been led by the nose , so to speak, by a Reagan administration aide since the early 1990's. Don de Marino is and has been involved in all or nearly all Ganley business activities since c.1992. He recruited the young Ganley in Russia he says. Don was also appointed by Reagan to work on Saudi Arabian business.

    It is sad but true but Ganley and his pals are a throwback to the black days of Thatcher and Reagan.


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