Thursday, April 9, 2009

Declan Ganley My Part in His Downfall?

Declan Ganley announced last night that he will not contest a second Lisbon referendum if he fails be elected to the European parliament in June.
For several months this blogger has sought an interview with Mr Ganley to discuss his less than transparent and entirely dubious private affairs and connections. Though the initial response from Libertas's Anita Kelly was that Mr. Ganley was considering my request, Libertas stopped responding to my emails and I deemed the request denied .

Yesterday at 03:44 am I sent an outline of some very serious allegations that I stated I would publish at noon on 8 April but I stated I wished Mr. Ganley would respond before I published them and that I wished to afford him a right of reply. At 09.36 am on the 8 April received a response from Libertas stating
"Declan Ganley has agreed to a talk with you, face to face. Agree?
Can you send me a contact number to arrange a time? I'll be out of the office for a while and will have patchy internet service.

I responded elaborating the terms that I would be willing to engage in such an interview and as yet have received no response from Libertas Eu.

Later on the same evening, 8 April 2009, Mr. Ganley stated that he would not contest a Lisbon II referendum if he did not win a seat in the parliament in June.

According to an eyewitness who posted on Here

He said it this evening at an event in the Davenport Hotel.

During the course of the event he also levied a serious allegation at Dick Roche at which point shouts of hearsay where pointed at him from the audience. He basically said that over dinner in the Four Seasons a member of the Czech Government told him that it was Irish Government policy to try and isolate Ireland as much as possible within Europe. When a member of the audience asked him to substantiate this comment (under for instance, a freedom of information request) he retorted "the truth hurts" at which point he really lost the audience. Eventually he even said perhaps Dick Roche wasn't there and he was just going on what the Czech's told him....

Later in response to a journalist's question he stated he would not run if he were not elected as an MEP. According to political pundits in Ireland it is very unlikely that Mr. Ganley can win the seat he is contesting in the North West constituency.

I wonder are these matters connected?

Libertas Nein Danke author People Korps has received no clarification from Libertas spokesperson Anita Kelly that his conditions for an in depth interview will be agreed to by Mr. Ganley. In light of these developments I have forwarded the substance and basis of my revelations to several journalists in the mainstream media and I will leave in their hands to pursue this story for the moment and in the public interest.

Email and please provide full details and telephone numbers and email addresses of your news organisations if you wish to have further information with view to further enquiries.

On a personal basis I hope that Mr. Ganley will withdraw from political life forthwith.

People Korps the blogger 9 April 2009 4.49 am

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