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Declan Ganley's Rivada Pacific contracts from US Defence Dept and Homeland Security

Libertas's early days were funded by Rivada Networks who employed key staff to work on setting up the Libertas brand . Ganley later denied this but he was contradicted by Naosie Nunn founder of Libertas. see
Libertas Limited from way back machine
Rivada networks key personel

Libertas executive director is Rivada employee

Plus Irish Election Blog
The faux party of transparency, Libertas's leader's contracts from George W Bush and the US military war machine since 2004 should be known to all the people who think Declan Ganley loves Democracy and not warmongering.


Fed Contracts awarded without competition to DECLAN GANLEY's RIVADA PACIFIC

Links Nana Pacific Ganley's Partner firm
Rivada Networks the warmonger Declan Ganley's flagship a Ganley International company.

See also Ganley in Iraq

Nana Pacific US Defence contract trends

Note that the Obama government does not favour Ganley's allies. There is in fact an anti Obama smear which is being perpetuated by people supporting Ganley's Iraq pal Jack Shaw. Indeed Shaw appeared on ABC prior to the election to smear Obama


Bar chart: in table form below

2008 1Q * Partial year help link$1,964,127

Is the reason ganley is trying to move into Europe the fact that the US are not so hot on his cosy relationship with republican war mongers who tried to stop Barack Obama from being elected?

The above from Libertas the Pan European Political party Blog

The below is about later convicted of corruption Alaskan Sen.Ted Steven's and Ganley's later partners Nana Pacific using the Iraq War to gain financially. Jack Shaw later connected Declan ganley with Nana when he failed to get in on the war action with a mobile phone bid that has been the subject of much copntroversy,

Contracts Take Alaska to Iraq

LA Times

Snow-covered Alaska is a long way from the deserts of Iraq, but that doesn't worry Janet Reiser, the president of an Anchorage-based company planning to help rebuild the war-torn country.

Because of the efforts of Sen. Ted Stevens, Alaska Native-owned businesses like Reiser's are allowed to receive government contracts of unlimited size without going through the normal bidding process. Pentagon officials are turning to them to speed up the rebuilding of Iraq.

"If you exchange snow for sand, work in Iraq is similar to the work we've done in Alaska," said Reiser, whose Nana Pacific engineering company is in the final stages of negotiating a multimillion-dollar contract that will be awarded without competitive bidding. "We know how to do logistics in remote areas."

Over the years, Stevens, the Alaska Republican who is the powerful chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, has made sure that Nana Pacific and other small businesses owned by Alaska Native corporations and Native Americans enjoy special benefits in government contracting.

Their unique ability to land government contracts of any size, free of the bidding process -- which no other minority- or women-owned small businesses enjoy -- was a largely unknown part of contracting law until last fall, when Congress passed an $18.6-billion aid package earmarked for Iraqi reconstruction that contained restrictions calling for full and open competition.

Stevens, however, made sure the final bill contained language to protect Alaska Native corporations' ability to win no-bid contracts under federal law, according to Republican and Democratic budget analysts familiar with the process.

At the same time, Alaska Native officials and their lobbyists frequented industry conferences, the Defense Department and Capitol Hill in an effort to drum up Iraq business.

Some Pentagon officials responded by pushing the Alaska Native corporations as a way to quickly get work accomplished without going through the bidding process, which can take months.

Although only a handful of Alaskan and small tribal businesses have sought contracts to date, Pentagon officials said they hoped the number would increase.

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