Thursday, April 30, 2009

Report on Libertas and Declan Ganley , plus Eoin Ryan MEP on Irish Radio

On 30 April Irish National Radio aired a report on Libertas across Europe by Philip Boucher-Hayes followed by Declan Ganley and Eoin Ryan discussing Libertas. Ganley finds it difficult not to act like a mad man and presenter Pat Kenny continually has to tell him to let Eoin Ryan speak. Ganley has absolutely no manners. He was completely thrown by the revelations that he had offered personally offered a Dutch politics 800,000 euro to run for Libertas and Mach in the Czech Republic 500,000 euro. Ganley claimed he could not remember making the offers but as was the case with the Swedish Party June List Junilistan it was the politicians belief that the cash was for them solely. ganley then attempted to say that the funds were for a full campaign and he kept saying that Libertas are running 22 candidates in Holland.
The problem with Declan Ganley is that no one believes a word he says. He shouts people down rather than answering questions. He also had his facts wrong about EU.

Pat Kenny Show on RTE Radio 1 Libertas report begins at 01.15 1h 15min

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