Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Libertas postponed Rome launch now set for May 1

Libertas have set 1 May for their postponed launch in Rome. The various factions of Libertas will get together on 1 May in Rome. They were previously scheduled to met in Rome on 25 March but this was put of as the party was in general disarray.

This will be the first time that the different Libertas parties will all be together in the one place. It will be interesting to see how they find each other. Will the far right All Polish Youth Libertas people get on with their seemingly more liberal German counterparts?

Will the democratic libertarians take to the terror warrior Robin Matthews. Will the xenophobes find they don't like the homophobes. Will the anti Semites like the etc etc etc

It sounds like it could make a good episode for South Park

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