Saturday, April 4, 2009

Libertas Lisbon campaign lack of transparency exposed

In the run up to the Lisbon vote in Ireland the Forum on Europe set out to record people's views in order to allow for debate and for people to hear diverse views. In the below video Sean Ganley brother of Declan is described as a "citizen" and not a founder of Libertas.

In fact one year earlier Sean had been a founder of Libertas Ltd.
In 2004 he was working for Tigris Staffing a Ganley Group company based in Baghdad.

The founders of the Libertas Institute were:

Founder Notes
Declan Ganley[2] Associated with Ganley Group[3] and Rivada Networks.[4]
Naoise Nunn[2] Associated with Rivada Networks.[2]
James O'Reilly[2] Associated with Ganley Group[3] and Rivada Networks.[4][2]
Norrie Keane[2] Associated with Rivada Networks.[2]
Martina Higgins[2] Associated with Ganley Group[3] and Rivada Networks.[2]
Seán Ganley[2] Brother of Declan.[2]
Dr. Chris Coughlan Later president of the Chambers of Commerce of Ireland[2

Sean Ganley Listed merely as "Citizen" in Forum on Europe video despite his founding Libertas with his older brother Declan.

YouTube - Sean Ganley, Citizen

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