Friday, April 10, 2009

Libertas Posters in Ireland outright Lies confirmed by Ganley on BBC . Libertas lies on Lisbon I confirmed by leading Irish jurist

In its latest dishonest poster campaign in Ireland Libertas are attempting to promote Declan Ganley as a politician by using pictures of real politicians and contrasting them with "self-made" Mr Ganley. The campaign which may be costing 50,000 Euro per week is based on slights of hand and mis-truths as usual.

During the Lisbon campaign Libertas billboards falsely stated that if people voted Yes to Lisbon Irish citizens would be conscripted into a EU army. Firstly there is and was no EU army, secondly there is no provision for conscription in the Lisbon Treaty and thirdly such an issue as conscription would be a solely Irish question to legislate for.

One of the current posters that Libertas are using in Ireland " juxtaposes a picture of Mr Cowen scratching his head with a smiling Mr Ganley. It contrasts job losses with Mr Ganley’s “record of job creation and success in business”.

However just this week on BBC Hardtalk Declan Ganley was pressed by Jonathan Dimbleby on how much business he does in Ireland and how many people he employs here.

Firstly Ganley tried to evade the question. However, when pressed he admitted that over 90% of his business was in the USA. He did not say where the other (up to)10% is . It is not in Ireland unless the Libertas Party Ltd. accounts for a $20 million turnover which would amount to 10% of $200 million defence contracts Ganley has with the US military.

Pressed on how many employees he had in Ireland Ganley was forced to admit that he only"had a team" in Ireland. In other words he employs a few people here like David Cochrane, who already has a job running, and John McGuirk who Ganley uses as press spokesman in Ireland.

The fact that Ganley is using such disingenuous posters in his bid to get elected to the European parliament should be a warning to both Irish and overseas voters. Ganley is banking on the power of expensive advertisement campaigns to con voters into accepting his morally corrupt distortion of the truth.

Is this the type of man that the people of Ireland's North West constituency want representing them in the EU at a time of particular economic difficulty or indeed any time?

What I find remarkable is that Ganley and Libertas, taking cynicism to a new level, they are fully aware that media outlets and bloggers will comment on the fact that their posters are misrepresentation's and lies yet they continue to adopt this type of ad campaign.

While this blogger has often compared Libertas publicity and statements to the campaigns designed by Dr. Goebbels to promote the Nazi party and state, this may be dismissed by some as the rantings of an anonymous blogger. I was therefore both heartened and also a little shocked this week to note that in a working draft of a polemic by a retired Irish Supreme Court judge, former European Court judge and one of the most respected jurists in the Europe, Donal Barrington, use the same analogy, comparing Libertas's billboard campaign for the Lisbon I referendum last year to those of Dr. Goebbels.

Be warned The Big Lie really is the modus operandi of Libertas and its pr team led by amongst others, John McGuirk, Anita Kelly, Lt Col Robin Matthews (British Army retired) and Joe Trippi.

Of course the buck stops with the man who provides the bucks and who the latest ads are designed to get elected, Declan Ganley. It would also appear that the Libertas campaign in Ireland is set to cost millions of Euros despite the fact that they have only announced two candidates.

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