Friday, April 17, 2009

Libertas running in 27 countries? Nein/No /Non just 6 so far

Update from on where Libertas is or isn't running
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marmurr1916 will become famous soon enoughmarmurr1916 will become famous soon enough

Originally Posted by passthedutchie View Post
Good news from Belgium

I noticed that, despite marmurr1916’s excellent overview, I left Denmark out of my previous summary. I humbly apologize, and will try again:

Countries in which Libertas is not running:

1. Belgium
2. Denmark
3. Germany
4. Luxembourg
5. Romania
6. Slovakia

Hope I didn’t miss any this time?
'Unknown' countries include:

1. Austria
2. Bulgaria
3. Cyprus
4. Estonia
5. Finland
6. Greece
7. Hungary
8. Italy
9. Portugal
10. Slovenia
11. Sweden

Time will tell about these countries.

The countries where they've announced that they'll be running candidates (either under their own name or as part of a 'coalition') are:

1. Czech Republic
2. France
3. Ireland
4. Latvia
5. Lithuania
6. Malta
7. Netherlands
8. Poland
9. Spain
10. UK

The UK line-up is so far pretty uninspiring, consisting of one self-publicist, Herbert Grossman, and a group of political unknowns.

They'll need to have all their candidates announced by May 1, no matter what the legal deadlines for nominations might be. Not only is that the date of their party conference in Rome, but it's only five weeks or so before the election dates. Five weeks is the absolute minimum amount of time you'd need to establish a candidate's name and party affiliation in the public mind and run a campaign.

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