Thursday, April 16, 2009

Note to journalists across Europe Libertas ARE NOT running candidates in 27 countries

Journalists please stop saying Libertas are running candidates in 27 European countries. They are not running any candidates in Gernay, Austria, Slovakia, Finland and about 16 other countris. They may be running candidates in 6-7 countries. That is it for now. THEY SAID they would run candidates in 27 countries some months ago. Libertas say a lot of things most of the negitive and most of them untrue.
The dream of a pan European party has been crushed by reality.

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  1. just heard of these guys to be totally honest with you and if their leaflet speaks the truth..which i am in no doubt it does somehow..then Libertas is the way foreward for my counrty..for Europe and THE WORLD!!! maybe if they had 20 million in the bank to really run a campaign to SPEAK THE TRUTH then they would be in 27 countries...oh sorry i forgot..the bank stole all our money! we'll maybe Libertas can do it without money...!!WAKE UP WORLD...


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