Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's Official Libertas ally with the Far Right in Poland

Its official Libertas far right connections confirmed. furthermore as support for his allies has collapsed Ganley is reported to be funding the whole campaign personally. This is technically illegal in Poland but it is likely that the loophole exposed by this blogger will be utilised whereby Ganley will guarantee loans that the Polish Liberats will take out and then after the elections deliberately default on. This will allow Ganley to pay the loans off without it appearing that he technically funded the actual elections.
Slippery and lacking in Transparency Yes. Straight up and clean politics No
Polskie Radio reports today
Libetas have been trying to persuade German, Spanish and Dutch political activist that they are not in league with the far right. they had previously recruited from the ranks of the LPF. The truth is out now.

Libertas allies with fringe right wing in Poland

The Polish branch of the anti-Lisbon Treaty Libertas Party, and two small far-right parties, will draw up a common list of candidates for June’s election for the European Parliament.

Libertas Polska will be supported by the League of Polish Families (LPR) – a junior coalition partner in the 2006-2007 government, and Naprzod Polsko-Piast a small party created by former MPs from LPR and the Polish Peasant Party (PSL).

Two incumbent MEPs from the Union for Europe of the Nations Group will also strive for re-election from the list: Dariusz Grabowski and Zdzislaw Podkanski.

“We love Europe and we want a better European Union, without the sinister Treaty of Lisbon,” deputy leader of Libertas Polska, Artur Zawisza told Gazeta Wyborcza.

Leader of Liberas, Irish millionaire Declan Ganley, declared that he wants the elections to the European Parliament to be a referendum against the “anti-democratic Brussels and Treaty of Lisbon”. Ganley led the successful “No” campaign against the Lisbon Treaty in Ireland last year.

Election funding

The election campaign in Poland will be financed by Declan Ganley himself, as current support for LPR and other fringe parties on the right wing of Polish politics have little support within the country and would consequently struggle to meet the costs themselves.

Though European election law insists that campaign funds must come from within the relevant nations, Ganley will secure loans taken out in Poland, so finding a way around the rule, it was revealed late last month. Libertas Polska will then default on the loans, forcing banks to seek recompense from Ganley himself.

Vice President Artur Zawisza was quoted in the Polityka weekly, March 28, as saying: ""The most important thing for banks is to assess the creditworthiness and the collateral. I know they consulted with Mr. Declan Ganley." (jg/pg)

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  1. At the launch of Libertas' doomed Dublin candidate there were hordes of disaffected young Libertas devotees who looked like they craved recognition, unifroms and detetion without trial.

    The fact that Ganley is breaking bread with out and out fascists should come as no surprise.

    And to think that this crew were trying to deface the James Connelly room.
    But Siptu was wide to their ruse.

    Then the Eroders of Liberty assembled in Wynne's to welcome the mono-suited frump, Caroline Simons, as their Dublin candidate.

    The tables in the bar swayed as the Irish Volunteers fired volleys from their graves.

    Sadly we had no casualties to report.

    P.S. Peoplekorps I spotted your young emissary but those Libertas goons seeking you out missed out on her.

    Not being blessed with beauty, the Libertas crew probably only notice thier own; dour and ruthless.


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