Sunday, April 19, 2009

Alan Kennedy of Libertas fails to declare his interests while lobbying for Libertas

Alan Kennedy of Libertas fails to declare his interests while lobbying for Libertas
Libertas letter writing campaign in full swing. As well as writing on, baby faced Libertas intern Alan Kennedy has also begun to write letters to Irish newspapers.

He asks in yesterday's Irish Independent "Finally, who better to know about the machinations of lobbyist in Brussels than Raymond O'Malley? Very few people know anything about how these people operate in Brussels."

Well as Raymond O'Malley was a lobbyist to the EU for the IFA he sure would know Alan!! O'Malley apparently bitter at failing to win the leadership of the Irish Farmers Association and with his bio-fuel firm facing bankruptcy, has turned to Ganley to save him and is running in Leinster for Europe. Does he see an MEP's salary and Ganley campaign funding as his parachute in the economic downturn?

Meanwhiloe back at Libertas Little Alan Kennedy says tio the paper
"Libertas has called for all lobbyists to be registered. Who else has done that? "

Well Alan perhaps you should register your own interests next time you write to the papers.

Since 25 Feb 2009 Alan has been posting Libertas propaganda on Twitter

I wish that Libertas interns, employees and activists would state their political lobbying interests before spamming the letters pages of Irish newspapers.
Alan says that the farmers of the North West support Libertas. the truth of that statement will become evident on June 5 but in the meantime Alan, true transparency and not the Libertas lying that you are engaging in would be achieved by you declaring that you work for the party the next time you write to the papers.

On Twitter he follows

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he is followed by various Liberhacks including the notorious "owner" of David Cochrane.


  1. Is this Cookie Monster?

  2. Well, be the hokey! I'm now a "political interest", am I? When did that happen? I should really tell the mammy - she's never really got over my failure to join the priesthood.

    Is that the smell of stale porter, or just paranoia?


  3. Ah Russ, I have removed your name , it was scooped up with the Libertas groups etc that are on Little Alan's Twitter page, Mammy will tell you to choose your friends wisely no doubt.

  4. Cookie Monster is presumably John McGuirk owing to his fondness for 'cake'


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