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The Village Magazine editor writes article Declan Ganley, Liar? in response to Ganley's hack Bruce Arnold OBE's potentially libellous rant

Just buy it as it is a small mag. For the readers who are not from Ireland I will post in a few days but in the mean time you can follow the discussion on Declan Ganley's employees own website

In his defence of Declan Ganley in what was supposed to be a court sponsored interview in The Village Magazine., Bruce Arnold OBE has made false statements about Kevin Barrington and has in my opinion libelled Dick Roche. I don't want to spoil the sales of the magazine by scanning it and posting here but everyone has got to buy this one.

Editor Michael Smith in a two page appraisal of Arnold's article titled "Declan Ganley , Liar?" says "He (Arnold) informed me that he had conducted a phone interview with Mr. Ganley but there is no evidence in his filed copy that he did in afct conduct the interview. For this reason and the other obvious reasons , Village will not be paying him the 500 euro fee he sought"

You will remember that this interview was the compromise that a chicken Ganley reached with the Village on realising that they were Gung Ho and ready to produce witnesses who knew the truth about his Iraqi years. I think we will all enjoy the spectacle of Ganley's potentially lowest hours being revisited in the High Court in the near future and hopefully his lackey Arnold will be there with him.
Arnold is currently finishing a book on Ganley which is a Q+ A , however there is not a single quote from Ganley in the "alleged " interview conducted for the Village magazine.
Buy it tomorrow for further discussion here on
posted by OMahonyMunster

the joint statement which Ganley's legal team had first mootted said ....."
It would have been preferable to have interviewed Mr Ganley before publishing serious allegations about him. It has now been afforded this opportunity and will now in the next issue record and publish accurately the answers given by Mr. Ganley in a wide ranging interview relating to both the issues giving rise to these proceedings and to other issues of interest to Mr Ganley and to the public."
Ganley picked the journalist in the end and Arnold delivered what amounts to a Sindo column which failed to answer anything. He merely says Ganley is smeared and proceeds to smear and in my non legal but academically trained mind has defo given Dick Roche a seriously good chance of taking a piece of his assets plus has out right lied about Barrington working for the government on Lisbon.

What strikes me about this and several other recent Ganley fiascos is how unprepared and unsuited to a non covert operation he is.

Who does Ganley think the Irish people are? neither racist taxi driver fronts nor misguided and quite idealistic students will sway me I am afraid.
Why are Libertas such f### ups given the money Ganley has thrown at it and their knowledgeable and experienced advisors ? Well I suppose the advisors are getting their monthly bung and hey who is going to say stop now when they are getting paid?

I hear that they can't run in Sweden as they are not on the lists which are closed since mid I wrong?
If they get any foothold I will actually get political and really start to resist.

No way will I personally continence someone so comfortable with the extreme right and war mongers in our political life. His sickening presence is the first thing that has got me interested in politics in years.

But I ask again is Arnold OBE just wHAt Haughey thought he was?? I note he has his own page on neo con watch

In reality Arnold has made himself look like a paid puppet publicly.

Barrington has an excellent piece on Isreal's avoidance of peace in the same issue of The Village proving he is more than the one trick pony (unlike) his OBEed attacker (Arnold) .

Follow the thread here
see Declan Ganley minions with pseudo names like Bobert, Cookiemonster, Futuretaoiseach and more defend their leader on a Libertas founder, David Cochrane's own website.

From Declan Ganley & Libertas Blog

Moral disgrace Bruce Arnold- probably by working for the Independent no longer - knows the meaning of the word independent, as his claim to have done an interview with well known scandal-plagued Libertas liar Declan Ganley is not worth spitting on.

Also in his twisted polemic the burnt out old Brit libels Village journalist Kevin Barrington.

Buy the Village Magazine for Michael Smith's accurate and hilarious put down of this old burnt out liar.

No wonder Arnold is Ganley's boy as they share a similar attitude to the truth.

The morally corrupt old crank lives in Glenageary and the boys at Barricade suggest A PICKET OUTSIDE ARNOLD'S HOUSE.

Their telephone can be found under Bruce and Mavis Arnold. Give him a call and perhaps read the dictionary meaning of the word 'truth' to the pudgy faced disgrace.

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