Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Back to the future win a holiday in Rome with Libertas

Declan Ganley is offering 25 people a free trip to Rome for the 1 May launch. As announced here on Libertas Nein Danke last week before Libertas had announced it to the world, they will have their first Nuremberg Rally in Rome. 25 lucky people will be flown all expenses paid to Rome by Ganley.

Libertas interns have been spamming this site with lying comments all of which I have posted feel free to respond. They claim that Sulik does not want to sterilise gypsy women.............lies. The translation of the article was done by a Slovakian student who also attended Sulik's parties Dublin meeting and is 100% accurate. He said that they should be given 3000 Euro after their third child and sterilised on his Facebook.

Join us in Rome

The first Libertas Conference is just two weeks away, on the 1st of May, in Rome. Because we are a grassroots movement, we want YOU to be there.

We will be providing free transport and accommodation for the FIRST 25 people who register to attend.

It only takes a minute, so please register here to attend the Libertas Spring Conference:

What started as a group of ordinary citizens in Ireland, who stood up to the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels and WON, has quickly grown into a movement all over Europe.

It is amazing. You are a part of history – building the first-ever, truly pan-European party. We have already launched campaigns in many countries, and now, we are all going to join together in Rome for the first ever Libertas party conference.

We want you to be a part of the excitement. Please join us. You will meet supporters like yourself, from every country in the EU who believe in bringing openness, accountability and democracy back to Europe.

Please register today and forward this on to all of your friends and invite them to be a part of our movement.

This movement started because the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels think they are more powerful than the people – trying to seize power without even granting a vote. Well they are wrong. You have the power.

Because, if millions of us act together as Europeans, we will create a new hope for the future – a Brussels that offers value-for-money, is focused on creating jobs, restoring our economy and our democracy.

There are millions of others like you who want a new Europe – they are your friends, your work colleagues, your family members, your neighbours, and members of your community and now we need YOU to get them to join us.

Our movement is in your hands. You are it. The consequences for Europe have never been greater – the chance of building a new EU will live or die based on what happens in June.

Please join us in Rome to take our future back. And, please send this email to everyone in your contact book. Ask your friends. And get just ONE more person to join the movement today.

Thank you.

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