Monday, April 20, 2009

Libertas Dublin candidate's launch a farce as Irish Trade Union bars them using their Liberty Hall

Libertas Dublin launch for Caroline Simons was a farce tonight. The few people who attended were a Libertas rent a crowd but their numbers, nearly 55, hardly bode well for the anti abortionist's electoral chances. Declan Ganley's flag collection was raided for an Irish tricolour with a gold trim and an EU flag. Paranoid looking malcontents and misfits pacing the hotel foyer prior to the arrival of Simons included John McGuirk wearing brown shoes, jeans and a black jacket.
Like his leader Declan Ganley the Libertas males have poor colour coordination. Ganley has recently been sporting his beige jacket and pants with a blue shirt. Simons wearing a black ensemble looked her usual drab self.
The Ganley famiglia was represented by Declan's younger brother Sean Ganley, who was a founder of the Libertas think tank and formerly represented Ganley Group's Baghdad based Tigris Staffing in 2004.

Simon's was introduced by Raymond O'Malley, the former lobbyist for the Irish Farmer's Association and Libertas's candidate for Leinster.

The meeting was due to be held at the Services, Industrial, Professional, and Technical Union's Liberty Hall but Ireland's largest trade union refused to allow it to proceed on their premises having learning the true nature of the booking.

Journalists were little in evidence with only Harry McGee of the Irish Times and John McGuirks's pal Richard Waghorne of the Irish Daily Mail, a a solitary camera man from RTE News.

However billboard posters had appeared this afternoon in Dublin bearing Simon's face indicating another massive spending spree by Libertas. Who is funding this campaign? Not a grassroots as there was few in evidence this evening.
Free drink is currently being supplied to the attendees by Libertas.

Libertas Nein Danke style correspondent the 13 year Alexandra was our special reporter on the night


Statement by Libertas:

“SIPTU have informed Libertas that Caroline Simons is not welcome to launch her campaign in Liberty Hall this evening, despite the fact that the venue had been booked for some weeks. As a consequence, the event will now take place in Wynne’s Hotel, Abbey St. Lower, at 6.30pm, followed by a reception.

This extraordinary and last-minute u-turn by the authorities at Liberty Hall raises very interesting questions. Caroline Simons spent a large portion of her career working with the trade union movement to secure equality for women. She has been an articulate and hard working defender of worker’s rights. She adopted the same position on the Lisbon Treaty as an overwhelming majority of Trade Union members.

SIPTU’s decision this evening should leave working people in no doubt that SIPTU, rather than representing the interests of its members, is primarily concerned with doing the bidding of its political masters”


John McGuirk took time out from his busy schedule running a failing election campaign to write in. Obviously the drinks reception pettered out quickley

from John McGuirk
to people korps
date 20 April 2009 21:32
subject Fashion advice

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The jacket is navy actually, Tim, and the shoes are tan, black would have been a worse clash.

Anyhoo, was glad to see you - looking good sir.

You might print a correction, given your pride in your journalistic standards.


  1. I went to the Libertas launch out of curiosity. I'm not a member, knew nobody in Libertas or their campaign, but I counted 70-75 people. The only free drinks I saw was tea and coffee and I stayed from start to finish.

    If you don't like Libertas, fine, but please don't lie.

  2. Are you calling McGee a liar?

    Libertas published video footage on her website there are load of people there.

  3. This is a fashion column David,

    Bill I am only a school girl I couldn't see the back of the hall, figures corrected


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