Friday, April 17, 2009

Libertas in Northern Ireland headed by Retired British Army Lt. Colonel

According to Wikipedia, Libertas in Northern Ireland is headed by a recently retired British Army Lt. Colonel Robin Matthews. Northern Ireland has seen a recent return to dissident Republican violence and it appears that Libertas have decided to defy both Sinn Fein, their partners in the NO to Lisbon campaign, who are against any staioning of British soliders in the six counties, and the dissident republican groups who have recently killed two British service men and a policeman in gun attacks there. Libertas in Northern Ireland are run by the same team as that of Great Britain.

Libertas NI (abbr. unknown: LNI?) is the name of the Libertas Party Limited affiliate that intends to field candidates in Northern Ireland. It shares offices and some personnel with the Great Britain affiliate but has a different treasurer.

[edit] Personnel

Person Position
Robin Matthews Leader[9]
Andrew Jamieson Nominating Officer[9]
James Millard Treasurer[9]

Matthews was spin doctor for the British war effort in Helmand Province until the middle of 2008. He also attended Ganley's eurpsceptic dinner at the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin with his wife Frances. The dinner was held to honour the Kremlin's man in the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus.

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