Thursday, April 23, 2009

Libertas splits yet another political party PiS in Poland

Libertas have caused several parties to split so far in Europe including the MPF in France and Junilistan, in Sweden. It appeared that they had split the League of Polish Families until it was revealed this week that the far right party with a neo Nazi linked youth wing was in fact joining forces with Libertas. Now they have attempted to split Poland's PiS.

As none of these splits have resulted in positive poll results for Libertas it begs the question what prompts politicians to leave their parties and join Libertas?
Could it be the lure of easy

Libertas Wants PiS to Split

Wojciech Mojzesowicz met today with Deputy Head of Libertas Poland Artur Zawisza, as “Wprost” has learnt. According to our sources Libertas wants to convince Mojzesowicz to make Law and Justice split before the elections to the European Parliament. The odds are against him though.
"It’s true that I met with Artur Zawisza. I have every right to speak to my colleagues, whom I value and with whom I used to cooperate," said Mojzesowicz to “Wprost”. Mojzesowicz left PiS yesterday. Also Zawisza confirmed that he had met with Mojzesowicz, but he did not want to reveal the topic of their conversation. Mojzesowicz swore that he did not intend to run from the Libertas candidate list to the European Parliament. “I am not going anywhere. I am a peasant and I am not going to leave Poland,” he said.

As "Wprost" discovered, politicians from the movement related to Declan Ganley would like to make PiS split. Today Zawisza sounded Mojzesowicz out about the possibility of making more PiS MPs leave their parliamentary grouping. “It would be a serious blow to Kaczyński before the election,” said our source from Libertas. “Wprost” has learnt that it would be very difficult for Mojzesowicz to make PiS split. In the Law and Justice parliamentary grouping there are not any MPs that would be associated to him.

"Wiadomości" reported today that PiS Senator Ryszard Bender is taking into account the possibility of running from the Libertas candidate list to the European Parliament.

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