Sunday, April 12, 2009

Libertas lying is becoming contagious

Libertas lying appears to be contagious. The leader of Libertas Malta, Mary Gauci, in an article in the Malta independent today says they will run candidates in 27 countries in Europe. Libertas platform in Matla is that by voting for Libertas the Maltese will get more representation in Europe as any Libertas MEP will be part of a pan European party and therefore allegedly have more influence than any other Maltese candidate.

The first Lie is that Libertas are running candidates in 27 countries. So far they have missed the deadline for registering in several EU countries including the EU's most populous country Germany.

At the moment they appear to be running candidates in just 7 of the 27 countries that make up the EU. Furthermore a recent poll conducted by Trinity College Dublin and the London School of Economics shows that Libertas may pick up only a single seat in the European parliament. that will be in France where it looks like their association with the morally bankrupt party will cost the MPF 2 of their current 3 MEPs. So the Maltese people will not get that pan European representation promised by Libertas.
Thirdly Libertas are seen as a pariah by European politians because of their close courting of far right and Nazi leaning parties and candidates in Europe.

A vote for Libertas is not only a wasted vote , it is a vote for a political fraud that will be shunned by decision makers after the June elections.

Vote for a candidate who puts Malta first not Declan Ganley and his Messianic militaristic vision of a martial Europe.

Ganley's dream of leading the EU is currently shattered and no matter how much cash Libertas intend to use to corrupt political life in Malta. I trust that the Maltese will reject such anti democratic lies and shun Mary Gauci at the ballot box.

Gauci also notes that the president of the European Commission receives a salary similar to that of Barak Obama. Firstly the European cost of living and basic wages are greater than the in USA.
Furthermore the EU has a population greater than the USA. Thirdly so what? Declan Ganley no doubt pays himself a salary higher than either man's from his defence contracting, but hey, that is not an area of Mr. Transparency's life that is open for discussion. He refuses to give straight answers to his past or present business affairs.

This is typical of the lying Libertas lose use of "facts". Their figures are skewed towards spin and not towards allowing for a

Furthermore if I were her I would be more concerned that Ganley has put his political and business eggs in an anti Obama hat. His pal the former Pentagon aide to Donald Rumsfeld, Jack Shaw, was involved in smearing Mr. Obama last year. Ganley has recently distanced himself from his defence contracting firm Rivada Pacific. It was Shaw who conected Ganley with the Nana pacific fiem who availed of sweethear t deals dreamt up by the niotoriuosly corrupt US senator for Alaska Ted Stevens

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