Sunday, May 17, 2009

Libertas want to introduce work permits across Europe valid for a maximum of two years. Irish also denied freedom to work North or South without visa

Libertas candidate Caroline Simons has unveiled the new Libertas plan to end freedom of travel in the EU. The new proposals will affect millions of Irish emigrants in Britain, and Europe. Under the new proposals Libertas say that EU citizens will be required to get a Blue Card in order to work in other countries, This will entitle them to work for only two years in another country. If a person is unemployed then they will receive social payments directly from their country of origin only.
Even more bizarrely Libertas state that Irish citizens will be required to get a Blue Card /work permit to work in Northern Ireland if they are from the south and vis a versa.
She made these statements on Irish national radio Today FM matt Cooper show on Friday 15th May. see The Last Word 5pm hour Friday: 15/5/2009 after the news and sport

I'm not twisting anything. Simmons said the proposal would apply "across the board", including to Irish people in Britain:

Caroline Simmons: "We have proposed...a Blue Card system for all EU citizens...".

Matt Cooper: "Would this apply to Irish people...who go to England?"

Caroline Simmons: "Yes..."

Question: "Would someone coming from Newry to work in Dundalk have to apply [for a Blue Card]?"

Caroline Simmons: "...Well if you're going to apply it, you've got to apply it across the board...".

So Simmons has said that it would apply to all EU citizens, including Irish people going to live and work in Britain, and including people from Northern Ireland coming to live and work in the Republic.

That'll really play well in the North West especially!

Well done Caroline!

You can listen to the interview yourself here:

It's the second segment 5pm (The Last Word 5pm hour Friday: 15/5/2009), about 7 or 8 minutes in after the news and sport.

She explains that a proposal for a Blue Card system across the EU in
Ganley's book would mean that workers would only be able to live and
work in another EU state for two years before their entitlement to
work runs out: after that it would depend on the labour market in
their host country.

In their race to the bottom introducing race issues and xenophobia into Irish political life Libertas have also declared that Ireland should be divided and that those in the North can not work in the south without visa. It is interesting that on Libertas candidate in the UK fought in Northern Ireland in the British Army during the troubles, and Libertas Uk is run by a recently retired British Officer Robin Matthews.

Raymond O'Malley the Libertas candidate for Ireland east also wants to halt all immigration to Ireland. Denying Irish people freedom of movement is a new innovation in the \Libertas program for a Nationalist xenophobic racist Europe.

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