Saturday, May 30, 2009

After days of indecision Libertas decide to lie about invitation to Walesa for Dublin visit

Lech Walesa said he would use his Liberats paid visit to Dublin to tell Declan Ganley to vote for Lisbon so Libertas have pulled the plug on Lech Walesa.

Libertas - ‘We never invited Walesa’ Polish Radio External Service

29.05.2009 15:57

The anti-Lisbon Treaty Libertas party claims they have never actually invited Lech Walesa to Dublin to attend one of their rallies.

Spokespeople for the party claim that Walesa’s visit - which has caused much controversy in Poland - was never confirmed.

“Walesa is not coming. He was not invited,” states a Libertas spokesperson, despite the fact that Walesa himself has announced that he was invited by Libertas to Dublin. Prime Minister Donald Tusk said in an interview in the Irish Times on Thursday that the former leader of the Solidarity trade union had assured him that when he was in Dublin he would appeal to the Irish to ratify the Lisbon Treaty, despite Libertas’s opposition to the document.

Declan Ganley, who founded the party, helped organize the “No’ vote in the referendum in Ireland on the treaty last year.

The news that Walesa has not been invited to Dublin comes after he has already attended two Libertas rallies, in Rome and Madrid. It has been reported that the former president of Poland received appearance money to the tune of 100,000 euros for appearing at the events.

It is being speculated that Libertas have stopped cooperation with Walesa after they found out that he would appeal for Lisbon Treaty ratification in Dublin, and so going against the central plank of their policy for the European elections on June 4 to 7. (pg/mnj)

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