Saturday, May 23, 2009

Libertas Sweden plug pulled by Ganley not the Jewish lobby

Libertas have decided to pump all their available resources into ganley's election campaign. Having spent months wasting people's time in Sweden he pulled the plug on the party there for want of 100,000 euro. It will be remembered that he offered one Swedish party 1 mil euro earlier this year. What this shows is that internal market research in Europe shows that Libertas is doomed> today on Irish radio Ganley said that he was going to come first or second according to Libertas internal polls. No other poll backs up this claim. Ganley has distributed 25,000 copies of his book but to no avail. he is dying in opinion polls and his TV and radio performances show a beaten dog rather than the Rottweiler of previous months. This blogger can only claim a little of the credit
16:07 | Thursday, May 21, 2009

Libertas hoppar av svenska EU-valet Libertas jumps of Swedish EU elections

Stefan Kihlberg, one of the EU-Party Swedish Libertas candidates in European elections. Photo: Pontus Lundahl / Scanpix.

e. The EU-critical pan Libertas party withdraws from the Swedish EU elections in the lack of resources. Stefan Kihlberg, which tops the Swedish list, says it received notice that the core resources are not enough for Sweden.

According to Stefan Kihlberg, the decision to suspend campaign funds to Sweden made by Libertas central administration in Brussels.

Just press up ballots appreciate Stefan Kihlberg would cost around 350 000 SEK, and the distribution of round tubing double, and the money is not in Sweden.

We simply can not afford to print ballot papers and distribute them, "he says.

. Libertas became known throughout Europe as one of the main forces behind the Irish people against the EU's Lisbon Treaty.

. Now the party wants to pursue the fight against the Treaty further by becoming established in the EU Member States. But now it can be in support to the campaign here in Sweden.

But first the name Stefan Kihlberg says that the party does not spend in Sweden. Instead is looking to reach the next European elections in 2014, and the ambition is to build a Swedish organization, and obtain their own financial base.

– Det är bara den här valrörelsen som vi avslutar. - It is just this election as we finish. . We are not down but on the contrary, we will focus very much on to really establish ourselves in Sweden permanent, "says Stefan Kihlberg.

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