Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Librtas France steal copyright material in fake Lie for Libertas Campaign

L for Libertas is a fake grassroots campaign in France that steals the copyright of major movies for Libertas ads.

More examples here

These videos are promoted by emails to the MPF/Libertas France mailing list.
They are also favourite on France MPF Libertas dailymotion video streaming
Unlike Youtube Daily Motion must be subscribed to.

Libertas France tried to deny they were responsible but this blogger was informed of the campaign and information passed to Eurojunkie let to France being told about the scam last month through via the Libertation blogger.

L for Liar and F for Failed

It is difficult to escape the attack of the clowns, "viral marketing" of L for Libertas. t:

The press service of the Libertas campaign in France says that "the author probably militants" but said "to have discovered the videos in the weekend and try to" find those responsible for these dubbing .

You could also read in The Post:

The video is the work "of a young person of about thirty years, a past two years, which has great talent but does not want to get involved in the campaign."

. But that began to be an argument difficult to maintain. It's not that I doubt Nihous the militants to set up video but I was a bit dubious about these claims. Je n'étais pas le seul . I was not alone.

However it is now no doubt that these videos have actually been carried out following an order from Libertas. Indeed, it appears that the comments of "L for Libertas" on several blogs and sites for the IP address of "Image and Strategy", the box d 'Edouard Fillia which is contracted by Libertas for "viral marketing" ( pdf p 10.)

. After Captain Europa, subcontracted in Ukraine by Libertas via Enchanteur (strong community preference), one learns that the trickster Fillia evidently did nothing to make the campaign 'Alternative Liberal which he co Director and prefers to ride in a hood for Eurosceptics against free trade, the movement of workers etc ... Well, it means as a strategy but after all I am not a militant liberal alternative or the Mouvement pour la Franche therefore I do not have to judge the greatness of the political commitment Fillia. Will not just forget to put these videos in the campaign or some care to remind the Council of State.

---------- Message transféré ----------
De : <>
Date : 19 avril 2009 xxxx
Objet : Grand succès des vidéos, continuons
À :


Grâce à votre action de diffusion, les vidéos que j'ai mises en ligne ont déjà été vues 40.000 fois, et ce chiffre ne cesse de croître de plus en plus vite.
Ce phénomène n'a pas échappé à la presse qui s'en ait fait l'écho, comme l'Express ou Libération :

Continuons à diffuser ces vidéos - par e-mail, sur les forums et blogs, sur Facebook...- afin qu'elles soient vues par le plus grande nombre.

Rejoignez le groupe des amis de L pour Libertas sur Facebook afin d'être tenus au courant des prochaines vidéos que je mettrait en ligne dans les jours qui viennent.


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