Wednesday, May 13, 2009

has ganley run out of cash? Libertas fail to pay the 50K needed to run in Bulgaria

Libertas branch in Bulgaria denied EP election registration

Coalition “Libertas-free citizens” have been denied registration for the European Parliament elections by the Bulgarian Central Electoral Commission. The coalition submitted its documents for registration yesterday (May 13th) just minutes before the registration deadline. However, according to Commission officials the set of documents was missing an important piece - a bank order proving the payment of the deposit for participation in the elections. Instead, there was a note saying that the deposit of 100 000 Bulgarian leva (~50 000 EUR) could be paid only by the “oligarchs”.

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  1. A setback for Libertas, but more importantly a worrying indication of shifting goalposts to keep incumbent parties in power. This does not bode well for Bulgarian democracy.

    Despite differences of opinion, we need to strengthen pro-democratic rules and fair dealing both at national and Euroepan level.


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