Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Libertas team up with German AUF Partei how much did that cost Ganley?

Libertas has also formed an alliance with the German AUF Partei (the Party for Work, Environment and Family). The tie-up follows Libertas’s failure to meet the deadline for registering its own candidates in Germany. Under the alliance any AUF candidates elected have agreed to join a Libertas political group in the parliament.

AUF are anti Gay, and want a xenophobic Christian Europe. They are presumably anti Jewish and Arab too.

Oh and they are also Anti abortion .

It must be noted that Hitler came to power by harnessing small town German Christians in a cynical campaign which claimed modertaes were Marxists. Declan Ganley in his new book says that the EU is a communist totalitarian state. Oh my the similarities don't end there.

1 comment:

  1. Oh,
    when i read your blog, i think
    Libertas and AUF are a good party.

    I will vote to AUF in Germany

    a Christ


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