Sunday, May 31, 2009

Irish priest distributed Declan Ganley DVDs

In a week that has seen the Irish church burdened by a report into child sex abuse, Irish parish priest are attempting to influence the Irish electorate by distributed Declan Ganley DVD's to their parishioners.

I call on my readers to contact their bishops and ask for a full investigation of this abuse of clerical influence. Declan Ganley is in league with far right xenophobic neo Nazis across Europe. It is a shame on my church that priests would help get him elected in Ireland. If this is the attitude of my church then I am in a crisis of faith over their support of Declan Ganley.

Should we just join the Church of Ireland and shun the Catholic church if we want to be christains in Ireland. the church must decide.

Donegal Priest giving out Ganley Audio
Well this is a first! I was out at my grandparents to watch a DVD with the grandfather. I opened the DVD player and noticed a copied CD with Mr Declan Ganley written on it with a permanent marker.

I asked my grandparents what it was, they said they just got it today from the local parish priest. I wont name names of course. He said for them to listen to it. They had it in the player but didnt get around to it yet.

I dont know what audio recording it is yet but I will borrow it off them tomorrow because I left without it.

Interesting nonetheless... Ill report back as to which recording(s) it is.

This priest seems to be spreading it around the parish..


  1. Job well done



  2. Libertas are trying to fight facism and allow the democratic process to work properly and to not be corrupted by bureaucracy. Lisbon would end the soverignty of all european states!!Ganley is fighting to protect that!!So unless you're stupid enough to hand over your freedom to the NWO, vote for Libertas!Many people are unaware of their intentions which threatens our freedom!Ganley is the greatest Irishman since Collins.How can you not see that!?


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