Monday, May 18, 2009

Hermann (Goering) Kelly, Irish Mail freelancer is secretly running Libertas Raymond O'Malley's campaign in the East

Hermann (Goering) Kelly, from the pro-life movement and all-around ultra right wing Catholic is pushing some of the immigration rants from libertas Ireland according to sources close to Libertas. This is the same guy who writes for the Mail and anyone else who'll take his writings.

Hermann Kelly is secretly running Raymond O'Malley's campaign in East. It seems that Libertas want to dump some of the blame for the immigration/emigration debacle on his shoulders. however, the Blue card initiative is that Simon's is pushing is also contained in Ganley's Book "The Road To Democracy" written by ageing British agent Bruce Arnold.

John McGuirk is closely working with Simons and O'Malley so is obviously also involved in the race card his pal Richard Waghorne is also working at the Irish Mail .

The editors at the mail should take note.....are you feeling me Enda?


  1. This post is completely untrue.

    I should know as I am helping out Raymond O'Malley in the office.

    PeopleKorps please make your 'revelations' factual for a change.

  2. In his role helping O'Malley, he sometimes uses the alias 'Pat Gallick'. Does that ring a bell with you, office worker?


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