Friday, May 22, 2009

Victory of bloggers over Declan Ganley's multi million far right scam as UK policy director resigns over racist fascism in Libertas

Victory of bloggers over Declan Ganley's multi million far right scam

Anti Libertas bloggers are tonight claiming Victory for high lighting the far right agenda of Libertas in Eastern Europe and Ireland. Today I am proud to announce that UK policy director for Libertas has resigned from the party and pulled out of his election bid in the UK North West. he noted that his anti racist message was incompatible with a party that supported and has members who are far right xenophobes and fascists.

Though it took a while the efforts of bloggers has exposed Libertas to the world. We commend Ben Tallis for taking this decision now. As reported here other party members have left over their religious fundamentalism and fascism. Ganley should withdraw from politics now and remove the stain that he and his party have made on Ireland's reputation internationally. Say No to fascism say No to Libertas.

Building An Anti-Racist Coalition - 3

In some very welcome news, the lead candidate of Libertas in the North West, Ben Tallis, has resigned from that party and urged voters to back the Green Party here in the North West. In a statement today, Ben said:

"As the campaign has progressed I have come to realise that while I am committed to Libertas’ goals of reforming the EU from a pro-European perspective and admire the Libertas team in the UK, I cannot agree with certain aspects of the wider European party, notably in the Czech Republic and Poland. Therefore, I will be resigning from the party and the northwest campaign with immediate effect. If Libertas were to win enough votes to return an MEP I would not take up this seat on their behalf.

In the European elections in the Northwest, I will be voting for the Green Party and supporting their campaign. We must fight fascism wherever it appears and in the northwest, the Green party have the best chance of stopping the BNP."

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