Thursday, May 14, 2009

Libertas personal unhappy and leaving as "Libertas attracts too many right wingers and religious fundamentalists."

Over the last few months I have kept up correspondence and received great deals of information from people inside the Libertas groupings both in Ireland and throughout Europe. I have fully appreciated the idealism and hope that many of my correspondents have expressed and i have often taken their concerns on board when ameliorating the blog contents as they were not the architects of the Libertas scam.
Below is an email I received yesterday

Hi People,

just to let you know that after thoroughly observing Libertas I am no longer with them. The final blow: in Germany they have teamed up with a "Christian" party, which is just ridiculous.

There are some good people in Libertas, and I still agree with the goal of making Europe more democratic, but obviously Libertas attracts too many right wingers and religious fundamentalists.

I still think the wording of your blog is not adequate. They are surely not Nazis and it makes your blog much less credible and convincing.

All the best
I am aware that many people involved with Libertas are not Nazis but many are. I also receive emails from people who say of Le Mouvement Pour la France, aka Libertas France
MPF is also full of racists, even they hide it and have mock internal
rules against xenophobia.
So what can we do ? keep on keeping on.
Stop Libertas now before it is too late.

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