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Jens Peter Bonde , Libertas and the Bulgarian Far Right

Picture: from left to right: P. Stoev, (Libertas founder) Jens-Peter Bonde, K. Sholdev, Vl. Симеонов.Пловдив 27.Април Simeonov.Plovdiv 27.April
The below is a bizarre tale of how Libertas actively recruit from the far right and how they treat their supporters once they are no use to them.

Feb 2007:
Pavel Chernev, formerly a member of Parliament for ultra-nationalist party Ataka, established his own political party on February 10. The new party is called the Freedom Party (FP). Chernev was elected as party chairman. The main goal of the new party was declared to be opposition to the Movement for Rights and Freedoms, which is supported mainly by Bulgarians of Turkish descent. The FP will contribute to Bulgarian patriotism, Chernev said. The party will support Ataka in Bulgaria's European Parliament elections in May. The launch of the party was attended by Krassimir Karakachanov, leader of the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organisation, Lyuben Dilov, leader of the right-wing Gergyovden, Dimitar Abadjiev, leader of the right-wing European Democratic Way movement, representatives of Sofia mayor Boiko Borissov's party GERB and members of Austria's Freedom Party.

Ordinary Freedom Party of Bulgaria members and other Libertas supporters were invited to attend the Libertas rally in Rome.

About 90 or so travelled by bus and ferry (a freight ferry, not a regular passenger ferry) to Italy, had a breakdown at Bari, then had to be brought by the Italian police to Rome, where they found that their accommodation consisted of broken-down '€1' per night standard caravans with no proper sanitary facilities.

In the meantime, the person finally chosen by Libertas to lead the combined 'Libertas: Free Citizens' list in Bulgaria, Nikolai Bliznakov, had travelled to Rome by plane and was staying in a hotel.

Stories on the Freedom Party of Bulgaria website allege that he'd been given money to pay for some of the travel and accommodation expenses of the Bulgarian delegation to the Libertas rally in Rome, but didn't exactly go out of his way to ensure a comfortable trip for them!

Allegedly, after a complaint from the Bulgarians, and Ganley's personal intervention, things were sorted out.

However, Bliznakov was no longer very popular with the Freedom Party (I wonder why?!) and when Jens-Peter Bonde's assistant allegedly travelled to Bulgaria to inform them that Bliznakov would be the first on the 'Libertas: Free Citizens' list in Bulgaria, they were not impressed, especially as they allege that the decision was not made in consultation with them, but imposed by the Libertas leadership.

They pulled out of the proposed deal with Libertas, who went ahead and tried to register a list of candidates (headed by Bliznakov) for the European Parliament elections in Bulgaria anyway.

However, the Bulgarian electoral authorities wouldn't register the list since the requirement to deposit 100,000 Leva (about €50,000) and other requirements of Bulgarian electoral law hadn't been met.

An appeal was made to the Bulgarian courts but definitively rejected and 'Libertas: Free Citizens' won't be competing in the European elections in Bulgaria.

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Libertas affair in Bulgaria.


February-May 2009. by Sholdev Krassimir

I heard the name Jens-Peter Bond for the first time in one night around 21.00 in February.

Maybe 05.02.2009. Byahme with Pavel Chernev.

Izzvanya his mobile phone.

Chernev, surprised by the unknown number, spoke in English.

Jens-Peter Bond was ringing, long European Parliament from Denmark.

Then I realized it was known as "Mr. Transparency". Tchernev to hear the answers.

After the meeting I got the details. Emerging pan-European party Libertas needed signature of Bulgarian MP for its registration requirement in accordance with seven of seven member countries to support them.

Chernev to understand that not supporting the Lisbon Treaty, which is their primary objective.

For about three hours after more talks.

Bond offered in partnership with participating in a very good evroizborite funding Bryuksel.Utochniha the next day to arrive from Plovdiv man carrying a special form.

The meeting, which are present are held the next day at 11.00 o'clock.

the building of Parliament.

Came face Nikolay Bliznakov.

Presented as a coordinator for Bulgaria of Libertas.

Documents are completed and sent from the offices of parliament to head Libertas in Brussels.

Bliznakov explained that the purpose of Libertas to participate in evroizborite, after obtaining registration from the European Commission.

Clear that they need political partners and gladly accepted the news that Pavel Chernev Party Chairman of Freedom. "

Chernev and explain how his party "Freedom" and unconditionally automatically become part of the Libertas after the signing of this declaration form.

The tale of generous funding of the election campaign.

After one months telephone conversations with these people and no meetings Pavel Chernev visit the office of Libertas in Brussels.

There has been welcomed by Bond, who explained vague phrases that will come to Bulgaria in March 2009 the fifth to meet with parties and NGOs.

It turns out that office work Libertas niece of Bliznakov.

Fifth of March 2009.

Bond met in Sofia with total assets of the Freedom Party.

At this meeting, with the help of Bond Bliznakov said it would seek as broad inclusion of people and organizations from civil society and that will be used mandatonositelki several parties for the campaign in Bulgaria.

Bliznakov presented to the Bond and several civilians, according to him suitable for evrolistata.
At this meeting the leadership of Freedom said that it will not broadcast its candidates evrolistata. From this position Freedom Party hold until the last day.

Bond promises of funding for the campaign.

Next stage.

In telephone conversations Bliznakov started talking about meeting with him on committees and civic associations to which Freedom was not invited.

Ever more strongly affirms the role of these associations and that parties will perform a minor role.

In April, the leadership of the Freedom Party went to the meeting of the Initiative Committee organized by Bliznakov in Plovdiv.

Shame meeting in a office where we were met with hostility by those attending.

Leading role in challenging behavior regard face Vladimir Brezoev.
Use verbal constructions type regard to a decision, you are very late, and others similar. There knew that the people gathered from Bliznakov discuss elections for Parliament, not heard of Libertas do not know the ideas of the party. Five minutes later the owner of the office lawyer vigorously out Brezoev, Bliznakov and the other as politely apologize to P. Chernev for the inconvenience.

Complete mess.

About 20.04.2009.

received a formal invitation from Libertas convention in Rome the first of May.

By organizing the journey began Bliznakov.Predlozhi bus.

Proposal from the party "Freedom" to help travel by plane depart.

On 27.04.2009.

Bond arrived.

Meeting in Plovdiv.

Bond said that a pan-European movement Libertas not receive registration evroizborite and benefit-mandatonositeli parties to participate in evroizborite.

About DGI partners are attracted by Stefan Peev from Sofia and the Union of Pensioners of Chaprazov from Stara Zagora. Launch out Bond stressed their opposition to the ongoing official from Brussels' policy decisions behind closed doors, "blamed opacity in Brussels and in the absence of responsibility. Bond Bliznakov announced the driver of the leaves and consider restaurant table proposals on Bliznakov handbill for other candidates. In "silent" call Bond said that the registration campaign in Bulgaria and were granted 270 000 (two hundred and seventy thousand) euro and that is responsible for the money appointed Bliznakov. Meduvremenno IP Freedom, DGI and retired Union signed an agreement on a coalition mandatonositelsvo "Libertas-free citizens" Agreement has not yet been denounced and should be in force at the time!

On 28.04.2009.
afternoon at a press conference at BTA Bond explained the open door policy and transparency of Libertas.

Of 29.04.2009.

approximately ninety Libertas activists of Bulgaria, of which twelve of the Freedom Party, went by bus organized by Bliznakov.

However Pavel Chernev and V. P. Stoev. Simeonov departed to Rome by car to Chernev own costs.

Due to special circumstances I do not travel.

From stories of the bus passengers got their premezhdiya.

Traveled with a freight ferry, in poor conditions.

Near the town of Bari one bus and injured people remain in the rain. Italian police probably regrets activists on their own account and transported them to Rome with two police buses.

Organized by Bliznakov sleeping in building wagons for one euros bed without sanitary facilities, without food or water. Bliznakov travel by plane and is accommodated in a luxury four-star hotel.

With the arrival Pavel Chernev heard from phone calls to premezhdiyata of activists, to raise questions

management of Libertas, which greatly worried, accommodation in comfortable hotels Bulgarians.

Pavel Chernev the conference signed the founding document of Libertas on behalf of Bulgaria.

After returning to Bulgaria PP Freedom attempts to initiate meetings with other players and especially Bliznakov.

In vain!

On side roads PP Freedom perceived that the seventh of May in Sofia emisar coming from Brussels.

Sue after meeting with the person saw Manuel, assistant to Bond. Manuel tried to understand the reasons for the scandal arising from the actions of Bliznakov be stubbed scandal.

Despite strong disapproval to Bliznakov working for the cause of Libertas, Manuel announced the "decision" of Libertas: Bliznakov is the leader of leaves.

When asked who took that decision, the answer was: Libertas.

On 11.05.2009.
Sofia arrived another man from Libertas Yesper-Kats you want to talk privately with Pavel Chernev.

In the conversation said that Bliznakov was appointed leader of the leaves and the IP Freedom to withdraw due to "image problem" of Pavel Chernev .......?

Registration: The secret added under unknown circumstances and DGI NZP "Nikola Petkov" Agreement mandatonositelstvo last minute and bring twenty-one thousand signatures without details, the disabled.

Bliznakov not submitted financial deposit, as recorded by a special notice that the amount is unbearable.

Krassimir Sholdev, chief negotiator in the form "Libertas" Party of Freedom "

Allegedly, Jens-Peter Bonde has been acting as a fixer,trying to entice this party into becoming part of the Libertas machine by promising them funding to run candidates under the Libertas name and/or to support the Libertas application to become a registered European level party.

It also is obvious that Libertas allegedly attempted to impose an unacceptable leader, Bliznakov, for their proposed alliance in Bulgaria, without consulting their prospective 'partners'.

Not only that, but no decent accommodation for most of the Bulgarian delegates to the Rome rally was arranged until after Libertas were informed that they were staying somewhere 'without sanitary facilities, without food or water', although Bliznakov was staying in a 'four-star hotel'.

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