Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Despite acres of news print and hours of airtime Libertas have failed to make an impression in Poland at barely 2% in latest poll

The fact that Libertas are polling terribly in Poland despite having vast amounts of TV time from the corrupt LPF TVP channel means that their plan to have any significant number of MEPs afetr the June elections is over. Poland has rejected the xenophobic fascism of the own League of Polish Families and have also rejected the anti Polish stance of Libertas in Ireland who want to close the borders to Polish workers,

Civic Platform well ahead in EP opinion poll

27.05.2009 12:2

According to the latest opinion poll, the ruling Civic Platform will gain almost half of all votes cast in the European parliamentary elections on June 7, while Libertas has failed to interest voters.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s Civic Platform is way ahead of the opposition Law and Justice party, according to the poll by PBS DGA.

If the European Parliament elections took place today, Civic Platform would win with 47 percent support, the opposition Law and Justice party would come in second with 25 percent of votes. The Democratic Left Alliance would gain 10 percent support and the Polish Peasant’s Party – the junior coalition party in the current government - would secure nine percent.

The smaller parties are failing to capture voters’ imagination. With the Self Defence party on three percent, Polish Labour Party on two percent, the Real Politics Union one percent, Polish Right party and the Centre-Left party on less than one percent, all would fall under electoral threshold and fail to gain any seats in the European Parliament under Poland’s proportional representation system..

And despite acres of news print and hours of airtime over the past few weeks on Polish media, the anti-Lisbon Treaty Libertas party has made little headway with voters, with just two percent of respondents saying they will vote for them on polling day.

“The survey proves that a low turnout will help the bigger parties like Civic Platform and the Democratic Left Alliance,” Marcin Splawski from PBS DGA pollsters told Gazeta Wyborcza.

The survey was conducted on 22 to 24 May among a sample of 1063.

Turnout in the last European parliamentary elections in Poland, in 2004 – just weeks after the nation joined the EU – was just 20 percent. (mg/pg)

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