Friday, May 15, 2009

Ganley on 9% in Irish Times poll

Declan Ganley is on 9% according to a poll that will be published in tomorrow's Irish Times. This will not be enough to get a seat in the North West constituency. Neither of the other two Libertas candidate the racists Raymond O'Malley and the anti abortion candidate Caroline Simons are not in the running in Dublin at only 1% and the East constituency.

Despite spending millions of Euros Libertas ahve failed to convince Irish voters to accept their far right agenda. Declan Ganley has said he will not pursue a campaign against the second Lisbon referendum if he fails to get elected.

Mitchell 26%
de Rossa 21%
Mc Donald 14%
Ryan 11%
McKenna 8%.
Higgins 7%
Byrne 5%
Simons 1%

McGuinness 33%
Aylward 19%
Childers 17%
Phelan 9%
Sharkey 7%.

North West
Higgins 20%
Gallagher 19%
Harkin 18%
McLochlainn 10%
Ganley 9%.

Crowley 27%
S Kelly 17%
A Kelly 13%
Sinnott 12%
Ferris 12%.

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