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Bulgarian woe as Libertas attempted to woo far right support

Libertas paid hundreds of Euros in travel expenses to get people to their Rome rally on 1 May. However the elites in the party in some cases pocketed the money and left people in 1 euro a night caravans. What is clear is that there were different treatment meted out to different people.

While some were treated to hotels and airfares others endured arduous ferry journeys and accomadation unfit for humans.

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. The picture are the two main culprits in Bulgaria will participate in "Libertas" for elections to the European Parliament - Bliznakov Nikolai (left) and Jens-Peter Bond.

On May 12 TSIKEP coalition refused to register "Libertas - free citizens. На 15-ти май ВАС потвърди отказа. On May 15 you confirm the refusal. . Thus, European Movement Libertas, in the formation of the party involved and "freedom" will not participate in the electoral process to the European Parliament in Bulgaria.

Already in October 2008 posredsvom links of some parliamentarians former MP from the Grand National Assembly Nikolai Bliznakov evroparlamentarista connect with Jens-Peter Bond, also known as "Mr. Transparency".

Jens-Peter Bond (or Bond) is popular in European Parliament with its eternal discord and revolt, and that never terminator started his political projects. . Thus, in the early 70's he was a member of the Danish Communist Party but left soon, in 1992. It creates and then leave 'June Movement group left, in 1994. . is Co-founder and major figure in the formation dyasnopatriotichnata already "Europe of the Nations napuska.Toy "...... which is also the most long-held European Parliament so far.

Declan Ganley, creator of "Libertas", decided in 2008. . Loaded it with responsibility to organize the party's establishment and to promote the emergence of party structures "Libertas" in several European countries. Скандалите следват. Scandals followed. On February 2 statement signed by two founders of Libertas members - respectively from Bulgaria and Estonia, publicly renounce and withdraw its support. . Comments are for dishonesty and confusion about the new Bond formatsiya.Ot itself has not to date a clear response to these allegations.

Bond was responsible for the formation of Libertas in Bulgaria and Romania. In Romania,nothing happened. None of the major Romanian politicians dwnated to work with him.

In Bulgaria, on the contrary, we were to include even more of the desired duet Bond-Bliznakov. Since February 5 Pavel Chernev signed declaration as founder of Libertas, to be registered by the European Commission European party. е . After a month of silence and uncertainty, 2, 3 and 4 March Pavel Chernev (for own account) visited the headquarters of Libertas in Brussels and held talks with Bond. There Chernev declare full readiness to assist the new Freedom formation and, if need be and mandatonositel evroformatsiyata of elections for union yuni.Bonde 7 visits Bulgaria on 5 and 6 March. In meetings with party activists and many others wishing to join the initiative of Declan Ganli, Jens-Peter stressed that freedom is an integral part of Libertas that all you are more than welcome to have as broad a formula merging the civil associations political parties. However, in private conversations Nikolai insinuatingly Bliznakov already prevailing ideas about the role of civil associations in the creation of Libertas in the country and the role of parties is unlikely, not only as a technical element for registering for the elections.

In this spirit, and were decided by the Council of Political Freedom in the future list of candidates for MEPs not to enter political parties involved, but irrelevant political caste professionals. . Furthermore: Freedom Party urged selflessly throughout structures to activate their work during the campaign so that they support nepartiyni candidates, but in favor of a new political morality. P. Chernev personally withdrew many of his proposed candidacy for leader of the leaves and even declares that the Freedom Party is NOT raising their applications.

. Latest news two months of silence or multiword circumlocution and ubyagvaniya concrete answers on the part of Jens-Peter Bond and his nearest Bliznakov.

Izborite near, but no clarity on important issues At this meeting we Svoboda announced that support any consensus arranged leaves, approve spusnatata Brussels Nikolai Bliznakov nomination for leader of the leaves, not made any party candidate. It appeared that on May 1 in Rome will be constitutive of Congress Libertas. Bliznakov said that Bulgaria should go at least 100 people. were even more willing. The trip is organized by Nikolai Bliznakov. . The last time he said that "Brussels has decided" the driver of the leaves to travel to Rome by plane, the rest of the group - with a bus in Greece, hence the ferry to Italy and from there yet again 600 kilometers by bus to Rome. We at Freedom offered a cheap alternative for charter flights Sofia - Rome by 108 euros per person, but from the headquarters of our Bliznakov was answered that no such separate money from Brussels.

. Thus in the first division team of Libertas in Bulgaria was available. "Plebeian" who decided to Bliznakov storm leaves traveled by African slaves in the fucking bus and damaged in cargo ship without a sleeping berth in the Adriatic stood hours in the rain on the street in Bari, Italy, after one final AT bus broke down and finally destroyed by the incoming nerves and fatigue at 4 am in Rome were housed in the building vans without toilets and running water for a € 1 bed!

At this time selected "candidate - the leader of the leaves otmaryashe five-star hotel after their flight suits and abundant dinner with Bond.

. Meanwhile, P. Chernev P. Stoev and Vladimir Simeonov traveled by car to Rome for his own account. Neither penny is not received by Libertas journeys of members of the national leadership of Freedom.

Scandal of May 1st in the congress hall was spectacular. . It turns out that Libertas no order to travel by bus, on the contrary, he was a separate budget of at least 270 euros per person for travel from Bulgaria. . Became clear that the companies identified by Bliznakov and thoses close to him ahad received money from Libertas for transport, as these amounts were approximately 126 euros per person. Became clear that all companies listed on Bliznakov and his relatives are "arranged" stay in Rome for the Bulgarian delegation (caravans for € 1). Chernev loud Bliznakov and condemn its "Headquarters" for all and urged organizers of the congress before someone take care of people. Organiztsiya was established immediately, all were placed on a good hotel, got lunch and dinner at the expense of Libertas. Declan Ganli personally met with the Bulgarian delegation, having apologized repeatedly for survivors inconvenience. . Return flight, for the people was paid by Libertas. . Nikolai Bliznakov was made to give your plane ticket to leave Sofia and Rome by bus.

Congress itself, as the representative of Bulgaria, signed Pavel Chernev founding document establishing the European Movement "Libertas" on behalf of the Freedom Party and declares full support in this area of our new priyateli.Vsichko was taken to the reel and will be available a Alas, immediately after leaving our delegation from Rome, the intrigue of the headquarters of Bliznakov started. . Personally, Jens-Peter Bond started a campaign of vilification against Freedom and Chernev. The main argument in this case is that the people of Freedom and Chernev were "too aggressive" and "uncontrolled" and that the whole problem in Rome were not jumble and misery in travel and indignation of the people and Pavel Chernev?

In recent days are run by Freedom pigwash tones of Bonde and his protezheta from "headquarters" of Bliznakov. ! In this campaign, mainly low figure was Vladimir Berzoev - functionary of the entourage of Prime proving apparent connection to anything ever happened is a puppeteer from Dondukov 2!

Since May 7 Bulgaria secretly was sent the personal secretary of Bond - Manuel. This was disclosed by the management of Freedom and head immediately by Libertas TE required to be met. By Manuel us was reported that, despite everything, it was decided by the Heads of LIBERTAS leader of the list of Bulgaria to be Nikolai BLIZNAKOV!

. The leadership of Freedom, after consultation and received support from regional leaders and local guides provide Libertas clear signal that this decision is deemed to be made opaque, so that violate the principles around which united to Rome. ! Freedom firm said it would support any list, provided it is consensual and supported by all, even the smallest organizations supporting Libertas in Bulgaria! . While we make of this freedom, Pavel Chernev become a direct witness of the ongoing arrangements and actions Bliznakov with Bonde in the direction he is leader of the leaves. . A culmination of 11may, the penultimate day of registration before TSIKEP. I arrived in Sofia Jesper Katts, special envoy of Libertas. Той категорично заяви следното : He categorically stated the following:

. 1.Pavel Chernev and Freedom have, according to Jens-Peter Bond an "image problem" that requires the freedom to escape from the election has already formed a coalition Libertas - free citizens.

2.Opredelen from the Libertas driver leaf Nikolay Bliznakov

3 Freedom Party "is a" second place (although this one was not requested by us!)

answer to the Freedom Party is not delayed: This is dictation, that WE WILL NOT AGREE!

Immediately out of the coalition Libertas - free citizens, followed by a single senior citizen Union party, the Union of Invalids in Bulgaria and the Union of mothers. The next day -12 May izskochi to light a new coalition agreement, concluded on April 21 2009g.mezhdu party the Movement for Civic Initiatives and Agricultural Narodnyashkata Party of the famous criminal F. Temelkova! This contract in full confidentiality and integrity of each section was the last and final proof of the complete lack of morality in Bliznakov Berzoev it.n staff of Dondukov 2, Union with his mentor - Bonde.

: Naturally, all this came after the failure of Bliznakov and gang-and then consistently TSIKEP otazaha you to register this "coalition" for the following reasons:

- Collected signatures did not meet the requirements of the law - collected are illegal or even criminal manner. (It is right to say that the structures of Freedom weeks gathered round thousands have signed in favor of Libertas)

- Has not paid a deposit called (of course, at the end of Libertas in Brussels proumyahya that without Freedom and people from civic associations are not running things!)

After all rules in Sofia proved the Even in the most advanced organistaionsare low lifes defeat all

- Libertas or rather the ideas of fear elite formation in Europe and in our death to use the services of political gnomove estimate Brezoevtsi and Bliznakovtsi to wrack and ruin such initiatives

Freedom Party is definitely a factor, frightening and unwanted by those elites!

Така или иначе, ние продължаваме. Nevertheless, we continue.


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