Friday, May 22, 2009

Libertas Slovakian partners election slogan "Europe will either be Christian or it will not be at all"

15th May: Libertas today announced an alliance with the coalition of the Conservative Democrats of Slovakia (KDS) and the Civic Conservative Party (OKS), whose candidates Libertas will be endorsing for the European Parliament elections in June.
The campaign will be under the banner "Europe will either be Christian or it will not be at all" .

This is divisive, xenophobic and again plays shows that Libertas is playing a racist card in its bid for power.

KDS-OKS Campaign for EP Election Inspired by John Paul II's Legacy

Kosice, May 21 (TASR) - The coalition made up of extra-parliamentary Conservative Democrats of Slovakia (KDS) party and the Civic Democratic Party (OKS) is launching its European Parliament (EP) campaign with the slogan that partly draws inspiration from the stances of deceased Pope John Paul II, KDS chairman and independent MP Vladimir Palko said on Thursday.

A slogan that reads "Europe will either be Christian or it will not be at all" will mark the campaign of the coalition that features 13 names on its slate for the elections. KDS-OKS aims to receive at least five percent of votes and one seat in the EP, added Palko.

According to him, KDS is built on Christian principles, and it views with sadness the decline of Christian-oriented parties that are associated in the European People's Party (EPP) in the European Parliament and are in favour of the Lisbon Treaty, despite the threat that it poses for the traditional family.

"We believe that ethical as well as tax issues should be decided on by member states. We aim to co-operate in the EP with parties such as the newly-created Libertas party, Czech Republic's ODS party and the Free Citizens Party, the United Kingdom's Conservative Party or Poland's Law and Justice party," added former interior minister Palko.

The coalition has summarised its election programme in a list of nine "commandments" that, apart from Slovakia's sovereignty and Europe's Jewish-Christian roots, features curtailing of bureaucracy and major changes to the EP.

This is because the EP is governed by a twosome of socialists and EPP that reserves the right to say who is a good European and who is not, depending on one's view regarding the Lisbon Treaty. "This has to be changed by providing more open discussion," noted Palko.

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