Friday, May 8, 2009

Ganley "Watford is still my home" 2008 "Watford WAS my Home" 2009 What a difference a year of lying makes

For Declan ganley Ganley in 2008 Watford was still his home. How come he argued so much about his nationality over the past yer then? Read

'Watford's still my home' from the Watford Observer

Ganley was back in Watford this week with friends and family but now he says that it was his home. the change of tense from Is to was in only one year is quite a turnaround.

So what has changed for Ganley in the last year? Well Ganley claimed to be Irish and argued with Irish Minister Dick Roche over his filling in company returns where Ganley stated he was British rather than Irish.

However his claim that he had done this by ticking a box mistakenly has been comprehensively disproved and therefore Mr Ganley was caught lying.

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