Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ganley pulls the plug on cash for Libertas Sweden

Citing the cost of printing their own ballots for 6000 polling stations as the reason Libertas Sweden have folded.
However Libertas Nein danke can confirm that Sarah Rinkel, 58, psykolog, Göteborg chairman of the Gothenburg Radio Association ( and director of the Jewish Community in Gothenburg (
was recently contacted by concerned individuals who pointed out the anti Semitic nature of Libertas.

In what seemed to be a cynical attempt to distance Libertas from allegations of supporting anti-semitism, Libertas Sweden announced that Sarah Rinkel, a local radio broadcaster and a leading member of Gothenburg's Jewish community was be a candidate for Libertas Sweden.

Libertas Sweden have pulled out of the election.

Libertas Nein Danke believes that it was in fact internal disputes over fascist tendencies that has pulled Libertas Sweden apart. Remember that Ganley's people offered one party 1 million euro to change their name to Libertas ealier this year.

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