Monday, May 11, 2009

Caroline Simons against euthanasia but hates the old

Despite her objections to people having a dignified death Caroline Simons of Libertas thinks it is not a good thing to be working at the age of 69. On Tonight with Vincent Browne last Thursday she slammed Phroncais de Rossa Irish Labour Party MEP for being 69 and still politically active. Sha also made fun of his Irish language surname. Watch the show
Should people who are slightly oolder go off and die on their own or remain active contributors to society. Simons and Libertas obviously think the old are useless.

The planet hating Libertas candidate is typical of the xenophobic hate fuelled candidates Libertas are running in Europe.

Launching a strong attack on Labour's outgoing Dublin MEP, Proinsias De Rossa, Ms Simons said he is "a man who has been 15 years in the European Parliament and who next year will be 70 years of age".

Asked to explain why she had highlighted Mr De Rossa's age, she denied she was discriminating against older people, adding: "I want to make it clear that Libertas is a new party with energy, vitality and ideas."

Irish Times

She was saved by uber spin doctor for the far right planet haters Declan Ganley who blustered forth about the ultra Catholic blind candidate the party was running in Spain.

Libertas No way

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