Thursday, May 7, 2009

Caroline Simons thinks Germany has a prime minister and that Ireland should return to being the Free State and get tough on immigrants

On Irish TV tonight Caroline Simons's the Libertas anti abortion candidate for Dublin refused to say how much she was intending to spend or where the money would come from. .She even went red in the face when she was trying to evade answering the question on every-one's lips. Where do you get the cash Libertas. Eventually under intense questioning she said she would spend the legally allowed 200,000 to 250,000 and that she was getting donations from "around the country".
Can one person who has given money to Simon's please let me know.............

Caroline really messed up again when she said Roman Herzog had been the "prime minister" of Germany. Eh NO Caroline try Wikipedia your party edit it enough Germany has Presidents not prime minsters.

When she brought up the Lisbon Treaty she was completely nutty.

She said that Ireland had been "given a constitution in the early part of the last century" and this was "fine". Does she mean that we should return to the 1922 Anglo Irish Treaty that ended the Irish War of Independence and led to the Civil war 1922-23?
Does she mean that we should replace the Lisbon Treaty and Ireland's two subsequent constitution's? The 1937 abolished the Irish Free State and links with constitutional links with the United Kingdom the 1948 constitution and created the modern Irish Republic? Libertas are pushing a nutty idea.
It would seem that Libertas want Ireland to return to being called the Irish Free State and that our elected representatives would swear allegiance to the British royal family. This would tie in with Ganley's own love for the British military and their personnel who he has employed to run Libertas in Northern Ireland.

At the end of the show Simon's came out in favour of tightening up Ireland's immigration laws and seemed to be crestfallen that the country can't close its doors to EU citizens. The more Libertas are forced to answer questions the more far right their stance is shown to be.

Irish Free State of Xenophobia anyone?

The idea that Libertas believe that Ireland should return to being The Free State is not out of touch with Declan Ganley's hagiographer Bruce Arnold who recently signed a letter demanding that Ireland return to being part of the British Commonwealth .


  1. do you know that Caroline Simons, from Ireland, (freaked out by a raising unemployment rate, and by a hand full of Polish workers - who were very helpful during the celtic tiger, but now should go back home - and by the fact the that State is still fucking poor, despite the boom, and there fore is struggling to pay the welfare benefits) wants that from now on, every EU citizen can only work in another EU country (and mainly Ireland – the special ones) for a period of two years (and then subject to annual review), and during this he/she has no right to welfare payments (despite the fact that they pay PRSY)? Its sooo funny that this idea comes from a nation that n.1 has no idea of what real immigration is (see UK or France), and n.2, that the only reason why that island is not a desert one is due to emigration!!!! Please!!!! What about the millions of Irish people living in USA and UK? Maybe they should all return to Ireland, and then, let the party begin!!!!


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