Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lech Walesa recieved 100,000 to appear at Libertas Rome rally

According to Libertas in Poland Lech was paid 100k to apear at the Libertas conference in Rome.

Libertas: Wałęsa took 100 thousand Euro

Wałesa /fot.
2009-05-09, author mzamojski , translator oskarinio

Former President of Poland Lech Wałęsa is supposed to take 100 thousand Euro for coming to Rome's euroskeptical party Libertas congress. However there is no certainty that a legendary hero of "Solidarność" did it only for money.

Wałęsa made a speach that prasied the party and only sometimes he made a poit that he did not agree with everything that party has to offer. After his return he was attacked by other politicians and media and esspecialy by European Parliament MP Ryszard Czanecki, who said that Wałęsa had done it for money. Former President did not deny it and said that 50 thousand Euro was not enough to lure him to the Congress. According to Polsih Libertas members Wałęsa took 100 thousand Euro. However there are still controversies concerning if Lech Wałęsa supports Libertas or not.

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