Saturday, May 23, 2009

Religious war for the airwaves in Poland as Ganley tdoes deal with bishop to gain 1 million votes from Radio Maryja listeners

Libertas supported by Richard/Ryszard Bender who claims Auschwitz was just a work camp in his bid to oust PiS from getting its traditional support from the Catholic radio station. Declan Ganley has been flying helicopters to bishops houses to hold secret meetings in order to win this crucial support. He is said to have met with Bishop Antonii Dydycz in the past fortnight.


Ganley promised three things to the bishop:
1/ to be absolutely loyal,
2/ to be open to all people indicated by Father Rydzyk and
3 to keep Roman Giertych in the background.

Roman Giertych is a leading LPF member and Ganley ally, so much for loyalty. Roman Giertych is also a competitor with Bender for the extreme right support Ganley has courted.
Since this deal was done it also emerged that Libertas in Ireland were anti Polish and want to close Irish borders to Polish workers and their families.

Libertas Tries to Oust PiS from Radio Maryja

2009-05-21 07:39
Will Law and Justice (PiS) lose Father Tadeusz Rydzyk’s support? One thing is sure. Declan Ganley will do everything to make Libartas take over the position of Jarosław Kaczyński’s party at Radio Maryja. With this in mind he met in secret with Bishop Antonii Dydycz of Drohiczyn two weeks ago. Bp Dydycz is so influential that he is often called Ober-Rydzyk. As “Wprost” has learnt, Ganley swore his utter loyalty to Bp. Dydycz. He also promised to open to all people indicated by Father Rydzyk and to keep Roman Giertych in the background. He only wants one thing in return: the support of his Toruń media.

The stakes are very high. Radio Maryja’s listeners constitute a very disciplined electorate, which votes in all elections. According to the bravest estimates, around one million people take Father Tadeusz Rydzyk’s opinions to heart. "It means that the support of Radio Maryja suffices to cross the mystical electoral threshold of 5 percent. In other words, without Father Rydzyk we cannot even dream of the European Parliament," said one of Ganley’s associates from Poland to “Wprost”.

Until now there has been no sign that Toruń would give its support to the party of the Irish millionaire. On the contrary, during this campaign Father Rydzyk has repeatedly declared his support for PiS. He has said several times on the radio that one should not vote for Libertas, because this is not a Polish party. "In traditionalistic circles it is a very serious accusation. All those politicians who agreed to cooperate with Ganley have been cursed by Toruń," said a politician related to the Redemptorists. It is also worth noting that one of PiS Senators from the circle of Radio Maryja, Ryszard Bender met with Father Tadeusz Rydzyk in Toruń at the end of April at the 13th Forum of the Polish Diaspora, which was organised by Radio Maryja. “Rydzyk couldn’t rid himself of him. Whenever Bender mentioned Libertas, Father Tadeusz started to wave his hands and said “Leave me alone and forget about this Libertas,” relates one of witnesses.

However Ganley does everything to detach PiS from Radio Maryja. He managed to undermine their relations. "Wprost" discovered that the Irishman met in secret with Bp Antonii Dydycz of Drohiczyn, who is the most important of all hierarchs related to Radio Maryja. “He is the only person that Father Tadeusz listens to. He is like Ober-Rydzyk,” described him one of right-wing politicians. It is the more significant that until now Bp Dydycz has been the main advocate of the alliance between Toruń and PiS. According to our sources an hour-long meeting between Dydycz and Ganley, which was organised by Senator Ryszard Bender, took place two weeks ago in Drohiczyn. “Ganley made a huge impression over there. After the talks he boarded his helicopter, which was parked outside the Curia, and flew to Warsaw,” relates a person who knows the details of the story. “It’s true that such a meeting took place, but I cannot reveal any details,” added Bender.

"Wprost" has learnt however, that Ganley promised three things to the bishop: to be absolutely loyal, to open to all people indicated by Father Rydzyk and to keep Roman Giertych in the background. He only asked for one thing in return: the support of the media from Toruń.

Will he succeed? Will Radio Maryja support Ganley’s party in the elections to the European Parliament? "It would be good if there was a bond between Libertas and the broadcaster. Mr. Ganley is a very well-mannered and religious person, who cares for Poland," replied Bender.

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