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Ganley has a nose for the corrupt or those accused of it such as Miguel Duran Libertas candidate in Spain

It takes a special talent to find so many corrupt people or people accused of corruption and fraud but Declan ganley has that talent. here are some reports on Libertas Spanish candidate Miguel Duran from 1998.

Duran and Vice President of Tele 5 million bond to be deposited at liberty to continue

The judge believed that counsel Muñoz Machado led the operation


MADRID .- El director general who was the ONCE and former president of Tele 5, Miguel Durán; attorney Santiago Muñoz Machado, vice president of that network, and entrepreneurs and Angel Medrano Rafael Alvarez continue in freedom, against the request of the prosecutor, although the cree Judge Garzon alleged to have defrauded the Treasury of about 1955 million pesetas.

Judge Baltasar Garzon took the decision yesterday, but gave them seven days to deposit several securities in prison for non payment of 150 million Muñoz Machado, Campos Durán 100 million, 75 million Medrano Cuesta Alvarez and another 75 million-Buiza Diego. All, moreover, must be submitted once a month at a court near his home, although it has not withdrawn the passport.

Judge Garzon is investigating an alleged fraud that could have been committed in the sale of shares of Tele 5 during the previous stage of this chain. After interrogating all the suspects last week, yesterday agreed to bail.

According to the judge, between March 1990 and February next year the four persons named in accordance with others, devised a series of legal business was fictitious. Its aim was to facilitate the illegal transfer of a package of shares in the company Gestevision Tele 5, which prohibits the Private Television Act, and not pay taxes.

.- The corporation counsel Muñoz Machado, according to Garzon had a very important role in the operation, which was responsible for advice and direction. This served as the 12 corporations, consisting of your choice and with people from his office.

To achieve that goal set in motion a complicated network of issuing false invoices, preparation of contracts simulated false statements in public agencies, monitoring of telecommunications companies and foreign investment, thus defrauding the Treasury about a 1955 million pesetas through companies Gestevision Tele 5, and Telefutura Publiespaña says Garzon.

Garzon describes a series of operations was a major fraud against the Treasury. According to the judge, the 'creator' of this was the lawyer and vice president of Tele 5, Santiago Muñoz Machado, helped by Duran, but also benefited entrepreneurs extremeños Buiza Medrano Alvarez-Cuesta and Diego Durán friends. Another operation relates to taxes payable on the sale of 8% of the shares of Tele 5, who was Mayor Street Promotions, a company of the German group Kirch.

SECOND FRAUD .- In this operation, according to the judge, and Medrano Alvarez (owners Promotions Street) failed 846 million pesetas each, with the cooperation of Durán and Machado.

Through the transactions, the defendants could have diverted substantial amounts of money from the companies managing their personal wealth, according to the judge. Therefore, Garzon will investigate the growth of these assets.

Garzon said that Duran diverted 825 million pesetas, Muñoz Machado almost 1700, and Medrano Alvarez and about 500 million each. For these quantities (except a provision of 380 million) to finance or not taxed as costs offset fictitious.

The five facts may constitute crimes against the Public (three of them, continuous), one of false documents, another continued misappropriation and a plot to alter the price of things.

The judge rejected the unconditional prison called the prosecutor and counsel for the State, because, although facts are "serious", there are no suspicions that attempt to flee justice.

Martes, 7 de abril de 1998 EL MUNDO periodico

An empire was born in the shadow of the ONCE

In five years, the former director of the Organization of the Blind and his partner founded their business in Andalusia and Extremadura



MADRID .- Miguel Durán and his advisor, attorney Santiago Muñoz Machado, acquired various recreational farms in Badajoz, Seville and Cordoba, devoted to hunting, grazing and breeding of fighting bulls during the first stage of the front of the National Organization for the Blind. Chose these areas because Durán was born in Badajoz and Muñoz Machado in Cordova.

ONCE paid for one of 1,600 million pesetas. This is River Farm, located at the end pacense of Peraleda of Zaucejo, about 20 kilometers from the birthplace of Miguel Durán, Azuaga. The farm was bought from the Andalusian Basque Holdings (Exvasa) formed by two partners: Tornado Numerical SA., Domiciled in Vitoria and Gartabe, based in Cordova. The first one belonged to the holding company Gamesa.

The acquisition was made by the company instrumental in the ONCE Oncedisa. Its original purpose was "carrying out research and advice on television."

The farm has reached the river to graze 8,000 head of cattle. In his luxurious villa, Miguel Durán has spent long periods of rest. The farm is known in the river villages around the farm for Miguel Durán.

Other important properties for hunting, located on the boundaries of the provinces of Badajoz, Seville and Cordova, have been acquired by his personal adviser and Durán Muñoz Machado.

One of the major real estate Miguel Duran thought they obtain substantial capital gains in excess of 5,000 million pesetas, was the Golf Guadiana. On February 20, 1991, members of extremeños Durán, Angel Alvarez Medrano and Buiza, writing the 250-hectare farm located 6 km from Badajoz, in the direction of Madrid. The owners of the property, Olga Wachtín Schmitd, Countess of Torote and others received as writing, 450 million pesetas for the sale.

Only a few months before the purchase, the owners of Promotions Street knew that the Junta de Extremadura, headed by Rodriguez Ibarra, adopted a special law to encourage investment in the tourist area. Medrano and Buiza Alvarez had Duran knew that Ibarra, who then gave him the Medal of Extremadura, the declaration of 'social interest' for its real estate project.

The socialist government gave the partners an amount Durán, sunk, 237 million pesetas in 'concept of regional incentives.

But the real business was not the golf course and adjacent hotel, but the Law of Supply Tourist automatically re Ibarra allowed 500,000 square meters of land for the construction of 500 houses, in which Duran operation, according to the Attorney Anti-held stakes. Golf del Guadiana society has been one of those used for the diversion of capital gains on sale of 'illegal' actions of Tele 5.

The former director general of the installed ONCE in Extremadura, their homeland, many of the companies funded with money from ONCE, from factories with Iberian ham-Ramón Mendozahasta sweet Azuaga craftsmen.

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