Friday, May 15, 2009

Libertas the far right of Europe?

I suppose its fair to ask what have they said that makes them fascists or xenophobes when, after all, the only thing they've done thus far is slime their opponents, and give vague promises of policies at some future point. However we know from Aesop, in his fable "The Ass and his Purchase", that a man is known by the company he keeps. So what kind of company does Mr Ganley and his motley crew keep?

Libertas is aligned with L'Aotonomia "a coalition of the extreme right La Destra, the pensioners’ party, the ex-Christian Democrat Alleanza Di Centro, and the Sicilian federalist MPA movement" (Irish Times, 1 May 2009). In the 2006 elections the party formed a joint list with the Northern League, whose leader, Umberto Bossi, described African immigrants as Bingo-bongos, and in an interview suggested opening fire on the boats of illegal immigrants who would disembark in Italy. In recent months the Northern League has been forced to distace itself publicly from Fr Florian Abrahamowicz, a superior of the Society of St. Pius X, who had been unofficial chaplain to the League, and who had denied the sinificance and magnitude of the Holocaust.

In the Netherlands the Libertas list is headed by Eline van den Broek. In her campaign blog of 12 May she offers a charming defence of the use of torture. Incidentally, Ms van den Broek is pro abortion. I mention this only because poor Raymond O'Malley must have been ignorant of this fact (or more likely, hoped that you and I were ignorant of this fact) when he decided to slime FF for sitting in the Liberal Group in the European Parliament in his campaign leaflet.

Miguel Durán, former director general of the Spanish National Organization of the Spanish Blind, will be the head of list of the 'Libertas-Ciudadanos' coalition's list for European Elections. At a recent press conference he said "I want to find with Declan a new Europe, a white Europe, not a black Europe."

Phillippe de Villiers (who coined the phrase "Polish plumber") claims that "I am the only politician who tells the French the truth about the Islamization of France" and that "I do not think Islam is compatible with the French republic". The National Front's Jean Marie Le Pen has remarked that Villiers' ideas were "lifted" from him and that their "votes should be added together".

The League of Polish Families, a reactionary and far-right party, is aligned with Libertas in Poland. One of the LPF's current MEPs, Maciej Giertych (father of Roman Giertych, who currently leads the party) published a brochure called "Civilisations at war in Europe" that claimed that Jews "are biologically different" and "create their own ghettos" because they supposedly prefer to separate themselves from others.

I chose these five countres at random, and a little internet research was all that was needed to glean this information. Its half past midnight now and I have better things to do (such as sleeping), but those of us of moderate vews, whether on the left or on the right, need to wake up to who Ganley and his friends really are.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

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