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Libertas UK candidate served in British Army in Northern Ireland during Troubles and ran for James Goldsmith in 2 general elections in the UK

Declan Ganley has done it again recruiting a former British Army officer in the Blues and Royals Carlo de Chair to run for Libertas. Carlos also served in northern Ireland during the troubles in a regiment repeatedly targeted by the IRA. However de Clair is also a lifelong euroscetptic who ran in two general elections for James Goldsmith. In 1994 he polled 12,409 votes standing as an Independent Anti European Superstate candidate in Essex North and Suffolk South.
In 1997 he ran as a candidate for Goldsmaith's Referendum party polling
2,740 in Suffolk South E.
Not only that he is a member of the super elite British aristocratic set.
Among those who attended his fathers funeral were

Lady Julia de Chair (widow), Lieutenant Commander Rodney de Chair (son), Mr and Mrs Rory de Chair (son and daughter-in-law), Mr Carlo de Chair (son), Sir Toby Clarke (son-in-law), Mr Tobias de Chair, Miss Freya de Chair, Laurence Clarke, Theodora Clarke, Augusta Clarke (grandchildren), Mrs Elaine Barrington-Hudson (sister), Mrs Graham de Chair (sister-in-law), Mrs Jeremy de Burgh-Daly, Mr Colin de Chair, Mrs Edward Farmer, Mrs Carmen Kaufler and other members of the family.

Diana Duchess of Newcastle, the Marquess of Northampton, Penelope Marchioness of Zetland, the Earl and Countess of Kinnoul, Earl and Countess Bathurst, the Dowager Viscountess Masserine and Ferrard, Viscount Davidson, CH, and Viscountess Davidson, Lord Michael Pratt, Lady Hindlip, Lord Burnham, Lady Thorneycroft, Lady Northbourne, Lord and Lady Foley.

Lord Kenilworth, Lady Plunket, Lord Abinger, Lady Kingsdown, Lady Newall, Lord Pender, Lady Mary Mansel Lewis, the Hon Gerard Noel, the Hon Mrs Van der Woude, the Hon Sir Clive Bossom, the Hon Nicholas Assheton (also representing the Pitt Club), the Hon Mrs Vivian Baring, the Hon Julia Stonor, the Hon Philip Havers, QC, the Hon Mrs John Leigh-Pemberton.

So Ganley has again shown his love for all things military and British officers who associate with members of the most elitest grouping in Western Europe the British aristocracy.

There has also been much speculation among those ion the know that ganlkey has had acess to a multi million £ slush fund left by Goldsmith to help smash EU democracies.


Evening Standard (London)

June 13, 1994

Polling card


LENGTH: 267 words

SIR JAMES Goldsmith, today celebrating his election to Strasbourg after the spectacular success of L'Autre Europe, should not despair of extending his credo to Britain.

One of his kindred spirits, Carlo de Chair, son of the former Tory MP and author Somerset de Chair, polled 12,409 votes standing as an Independent Anti European Superstate candidate in Essex North and Suffolk South - the highest vote recorded anywhere in Britain by an independent.

'Sir James wrote to me wishing me well. We obviously have similar views,' says Carlo, from St Osyth's Priory, Essex, one of his family's seats.

A former officer in the Blues and Royals, Carlo campaigned under the unequivocal slogan, 'Let us stop grovelling to Brussels' and is emphatic about his credentials for doing so. 'I used to be called 'wog' during my school days at Milton Abbey because of my name and because I look like one,' he adds, 'but I am, in fact, entirely British.'

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