Friday, May 22, 2009

Ganley attacks Irish farmers

Ganley is losing his cool as he hits out angrily at farmers who invited him to speak in Claremorris, Co. Mayo. Ganley had tried to foist Raymond O'Malley a Libertas candidate from another constituency on the Irish farmers association meeting in the North west constituency. As O'Malley had been a former senior official and EU lobbyists on behalf of the organistaion Ganley obviously thought he could get him to speak to the farmers.

Incredibly Ganley who is running a candidate who is a former IFA official is blaming other parties for using influence in the IFA. Well there goes the farmers votes Herr Ganley. You should learn to have some manners.

Ganley criticises 'political cartel'


: LIBERTAS FOUNDER Declan Ganley last night sharply criticised the Irish Farmers’ Association after it refused to allow a Libertas Euro candidate to speak in his place to hundreds of farmers in Mayo.

The regional meeting of IFA members in Claremorris, Co Mayo was called to hear from North West candidates from all parties – one of a series it is holding around the country before the June 5th European Parliament elections.

The IFA had been told for some days that Mr Ganley either would not be able to attend, or would turn up late, and that Libertas’ East constituency candidate Raymond O’Malley would turn up instead.

However, it appears that some IFA members refused to allow a candidate from outside the North West constituency to speak at the meeting.

Mr O’Malley previously spoke at an IFA meeting in his constituency.

The decision forced an angry Mr Ganley to wind up a speech at a Libertas public meeting in Carrick-on-Shannon, Co Leitrim, so that he could leave to travel to Claremorris.

The IFA, he said, had originally set its meeting on May 19th, but then changed the date: “So, I am going to have to leave the meeting because the IFA is gagging one of our candidates

“This is an example of the political cartel and their cohorts who they insert in certain positions in certain organisations who absolutely will do anything to get in the way of us, the truth and getting the message out,” he said.

Rounding on his competitors from other parties, he said none of them have a word of criticism for each other. “Do you hear them attacking each other? There really is a political cartel in this county.”

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