Monday, February 13, 2012

James Rogers a neo con spook boy still in short pants

Spook Boy James Rogers

When you see a guy with such hard core spook vibes as James Rogers advocating an idea of Declan Ganley's and the super neo con "Prof" Brenden Simms you need to scratch your head and wonder at the arrognce of the far right neo con intel community. James "Spook boy" Roger's article is linked just below and below that is his current CV

Of course James Rogers article is the kind of academic fellatio that we might expect from Cambridge scholars given that the university employs hacks like Brenden Simms who use academica to give a respectable and authoritative veneer to their neo con political crusades and intelligence community led agendas. Lest the original and corrupte Business Post article fall between the cracks, then spook boy is there to inflate it through an act of pseudo-academic fellatio.
Well intel boy
james my son an academic with better teachers than yourself one terribly important issue is citation of sources and it is not the "Daily Business Post" you tit, it is the SUNDAY Business Post . In my Uni such an error would have made your first a 2.1, your 2.1 a 2.2 and your 2.2 a 3.0

This blog slows down fascists and neo-cons it is up to employers and the public to keep them slowed down.

James Rogers is a founding director of the Group on Grand Strategy. He is currently completing his Ph.D. in European Studies at Pembroke lege, University of Cambridge. He holds an M.Phil in Contemporary European Studies fromHughes Hall, University of Cambridge and a B.Sc. Econ. with first class honours in International Politics and Strategic Studies from Aberystwyth University.

During Autumn 2008, James was a Visiting Fellow at the European Union Institute for Security Studies, where he conducted research on the maritime geopolitics of the Indian Ocean and East Asia. He has also completed research assignments for the Sub-Committee on Security and Defence of the European Parliament, the European Council on Foreign Relations, the Egmont Institute and the Alternatives Foundation. He is currently working on a RAND Europe project on the strategic implications of the modernisation of Asian navies, for France and the European Union.

He has spoken at a number of conferences and seminars, including those arranged by various European Union presidencies, the European Parliament, France’s National Institute for Higher Defence Studies, the Royal United Services Institute and the European Security and Defence College.

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