Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lucinda Creighton is an idiot out of her depth

Despite being from her alma mater I have to say Lucinda Creighton is either an idiot and/or a liar or both.
This is based on my watching Vincent Browne tonight on TV3

Christ on a stick she says words but they mean NOTHING. Really Lucinda stop supporting the Mayo eejit, Enda Kenny and get a grip. Tonight you claimed Fine Gael could create millions of jobs in Ireland?? as well as fudging about half a dozen other answers. Cut your losses and resign now, you are a disgrace to the fine tutoring you received at TCD . FYI I love Mayo people just not Dame Enda Average.

Creighton at 32 years of age is a high achiever politically but a low breed of human-hood with her market economy attitude and her failing to explain why her party leader and herself dont seem to be on the same page.

It is sad that Creighton went to the same university as Jonathan Swift, Thomas Davis and Oscar Wilde and indeed myself, and yet, turned out thus.

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  1. She is the biggest ijit around. She has lied to the Irish people. They all claimed Bertie and Brian were lying when they brought the IMF/ECB to Ireland to get the first loan and now they want the second. Better to build local Irish business than to take money off of these scousers.


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