Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fiachra O Luain states Libertas are trying to encouage him to sue returning officer

Fiachra O Luain the candidate who had 3000 votes incorrectly awarded to Declan Ganley in the recent election has stated that he is being text messaged by senior Libertas members to encourage him to sue the returning officers for the North West. See his reaction below.

I wonder if this has anything to do with recent text messages from a certain member of Ganley's crew urging me to sue the Returning Officer? As far as I'm concerned if anyone was trying to throw the election it was someone who was in favour of Libertas and they got what they deserved. They shouldn't worry the Gardai are onto it, then maybe I'll sue the wrongdoer who tried to put Ganley ahead at my expense.
Ganley is gone and he will stay gone.
Maybe without Declan 'Red Herring' Ganley we can actually have a real debate on the issues. I bet FF, FG and the rest are just terrified that we may just say NO again without the Bogey Man to blame.
Most people who voted no are neither Sinn Fein or Libertas, that's a fact.
How about this for a reason to vote No?
Barroso and Blair need to be put on criminal trial for their role in the Iraq invasion instead of being groomed for the tops positions in the EU. If they are found guilty of facilitating the illegal invasion they need to go to jail. Simple.
How about another reason?
Since reunification the German courts and government have failed to replace the Grundgesetz with a constitution for Germany as they are obliged to do by law.
'Agenda 2010' is what the Lisbon Treaty is named in Germany and it is the endgame of the Cold War. It's the eradication of the social capitalism that has defined Germany's recovery to civility, replacing it with blatant Thatcherism. The Cold War mindset still governs those in charge of the EU and they are a sad anachronism in this current world.
No to Libertas. No to Lisbon.

But this evening it was announced Mr Ganley's first preference vote dropped by 3,000 to 67,638 after the recheck.

The 3,000 votes belong to the Independent candidate Fiachra O'Luain, who now has 6,510 votes, but has still been eliminated.

It is also clear that the nasty Libertas member who posts as Cookiemonster is known to Mr O Luain.
Fiachra any help in that regard please email This blogger would love to know his identity.


  1. I don't know, I met a lot of people during the campaign but I'd like to respect their anonymity if they don't wish use their real name.

  2. When will you stop with the lies, peoplekorps.

    O'Luain doesn't say that "seinor members" of Libertas are texting him.

    He says "a certain member of Ganley's crew " had texted him.


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