Sunday, July 19, 2009 starts banning posters in Ganley warm up?

There has been lots of activity on the boards recently with Libertas hack Cookiemonster licking off his wounds and starting to post again. He is again posting nasty attacks on poster whom he labels "the scum of the earth" without being censured by site owner and Libertas stalking horse David Cochrane.

Cochrane has also been banning anti Libertas posters (Again). The latest causality of the board wars is mccafferty's cat who was banned allegedly for publishing David Cochrane's home address. Of course Cochrane already has his address online and this should not be an issue.

The home address of Cochrane is listed on Libertas's own website See Update on this Cochrane's address removed since this posting
Legal Information

The accountability for this online shop in terms of copyright law is:
David Cochrane

xxxxx xxxx Park
LN Kildare

E-Mail: david.cochrane at

This is particularly true for all designs found in the shop, as well as all elements used in designing the shop.

Ah David perhaps you should not place that address online in one place if you are going to use it as an excuse to ban people on your other site

Over on Machinenation Toxic Avenger and a new poster , and obvious sock puppet called Teach have formed a tag team.

Further evidence that Libertas hacks are gearing up for a web war over Lisbon is noted . Just today the disgraced and discredited Libertas PR man who called one of their Irish candidates a psychotic bitch on his facebook as Libertas melted down after the EU elections in June, joined NoToLibertas on Twitter. This is the twitter portal of this blog.

There are still out there and they are regrouping.

However this blog has been informed that David Cochrane has nothing to do with Libertas "at all" anymore.
Onwards and upwards David.


  1. You're a sock puppet account.

  2. They're all out to get you!!! You paranoid freak.

  3. For the love of god, why do you take and machine nation so seriously? Don't behave like a gobshyte and you'll get by on both. And no i'm not some sock puppet- I seriously don't know where you get these warped ideas from.


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