Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Declan Ganley and Liam Lawlor and Frank Dunlop transparency and democracy at work?

In case you have never seen this I am posting a link to the transcript of Declan Ganley's appearance before the Mahon/Flood tribunal in which he admits to hiring Liam Lawlor to aid him in his Albanian endeavours.
It is worth starting at page 71 of the document as Frank Dunlop gives some very interesting evidence re Mr Ganley. Dunlop is currently serving a sentence in an Irish prison for corruption.

Ganley later appears and offers his version of events. Sadly his Liam Lawlor had been killed in a mysterious road accident in Moscow and the varience between his evidence and Mr. Ganley's could not be tested further. Ganley's evidence begins at page 91
See the PDF

He admits to employing Lawlor and paying him 25,000 Euro to lobby in Albania at the time Ganley was involved in the bizarre and still questioned Anglo Adriatic Investment Fund.

It is interesting to note that the complaintant to the BCC in Ireland over RTE Primetime show was an Alan Kennedy who has featured in this blog for his employment by Libertas nad his activities on thier behalf. : and

Alan Kennedy of Libertas fails to declare his interests while lobbying for Libertas

Alan Kennedy

It is very interesting to revist the information that previously came to light but that you may not have fully absorbed especially in light of the potential return to politics by Ganley and his gang.


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