Monday, July 20, 2009

Fiachra O Luain tells Libertas to stop calling

Posted By Fiachra O LuainOn
I'm just stating here and now that I refuse to be played in any Libertas stratagem following contact from someone affiliated to them who asked me to cast doubt on the process before the Garda investigation is over.
They urged me to cause a ruckus without evidence and I get the distinct impression that that person feels they can manipulate me with promises of 'media attention' as if the only reason I'm suing RTE is because I want to get on the telly (My actual complaint is that the extent of Ganley's airtime was unjustifiable considering that we were both first time candidates).
All I am saying is that the only votes that were misplaced were three one-thousand piles into Ganley's bundles, that doesn't need a vast conspiracy it just requires one over-zealous sympathiser in the right place who realised that I had nobody tallying for me. Of course I hope that there was nothing untoward about how that happened and I'm sure that the Garda investigation will find out what happened.

Regarding Free To Bluster's playground remarks; take her handy kid. My name actually means Hunter of the Hound, and yes I do think my name does suit me. Marian Harkin was always civil to me as were most candidates (Though Declan did shout at me like a child once in Ocean FM so that makes me less likely to be his chum), Harkin and I disagree on Lisbon, I think it is shameful that she and other MEPs haven't said a thing about what is really happening at Rossport, etc. etc. however she was a pleasant adversary and I will always shake hands with any rival. I wasn't a sweeper for anyone, I was a candidate in my own right, as was McNamara. The idea that we were photographed together 'so often' is just paranoid fantasy. Oh yes, there were events to which only the independent candidates showed up to, one in Ennis and then the Irish Senior Citizen's Parliament too. The only reason we may have been photographed together is because the FF, FG, Labour and Libertas candidates didn't see fit to show up.
My reasons for being against Lisbon were always different from Libertas'. I think the likes of Barroso and Blair need to be tried for their roles in the Iraq invasion, not groomed to stay in the top jobs. I also wanted to enunciate the fact most of us who voted NO to Lisbon are not defined by either Sinn Fein or Libertas. We are also traditional FF, FG, Labour and Green voters too, we feel that Lisbon is a bad idea, that's all. I never hid the fact that I felt Declan Ganley was not fit to be an MEP for Ireland North West.
@ Cookie Monster - Thanks, respectful debate is what we must always aspire to. One thing I've learned growing up on the border during the Peace Process is that it is okay to disagree with someone, and indeed when we find that we do disagree with someone we must make sure not to insult them. I suppose Free to Prosper doesn't realise the value of this. If indeed you are a friend of Declan Ganley please ask him not to have anyone contact me from his camp again, I don't like getting political texts on a Friday night. I'm just not interested, however I do wish him the best of luck as he returns to the business life to which his personality is best suited.


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