Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Anonymous / LulzSec and Ireland important global issues regarding freedom may be settled if we fight any extradition of Irish students

While the FBI are in Dublin helping the Irish police stitch up two Irish children the Irish media has ignored some of the more salient issues arising from the Anonymous /
LulzSec affair such as the fact that Irish police compromised themselves by sharing official emails with one of their "gmail" accounts, that extradition to the USA is prohibited under Irish law for political offences and the fact that the US federal authorities are likely to have been involved in the issue given that some level of entrapment appears to be releated to at least one of the Irish alleged "hackers".

People Korps is asking for Irish legal professionals and media activists to offer their services to the two boys as there are a wide range of legal issues of global importance relating to personal freedom, political freedom and national sovereignty that arise from this case.

In the meantime I call on all the staff and students and alumni of Trinity Colege, Dublin to do all in their power to aid young Donncha O'Cearrbhail and likewise all students, graduates and staff of UCC, UCD, UCG and NUI Maynooth to rally to stop any potential attempt to extradite the equally young Darren Martyn.

If the boys need to speak to the media I would advice them to contact Colm Keena at The Irish Times using the Irish Times main switchboard rather than email as he has indicated an interest in the case.

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