Monday, March 5, 2012

Ganley will vote Yes or No on treaty

Loser Ganley does not know what way to jump

Declan Ganley will either vote Yes or No on the fiscal treaty referendum in Ireland and will campaign for the either the Yes or the No side. The far right Christian Fundamentalist political opportunist and war profiteer does not know YET which side he will be on.

The chancer is waiting to see if the EU will make a deal.

However Libertas Nein Danke says Ireland should vote
NO, deal or No deal, bribe or no bribe. Why?
Merkozy's dominance ends in May when Sarkozy will cease to be French leader and the likely new President, Francois Hollande, will oppose the Fiscal treaty and demand its renegotiation with the hard wiring of growth into any pact.

One recent post on sums the Declan Ganley phenomenon up quite well save for an incorrect assertion preceding re connection to the arms industry
the truth about Ganley is much more simpler and boring than originally thought. He's simply a populist mediocrity who craves attention and wants to be important.

Ganley is/was involved with supplying the US military

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